The Houtkamp Collection is always searching for exceptional cars that meet our high standards.

Selling a car / collection can be a difficult, time-consuming and an difficult process. We have the necessary expertise and resources to sell your car easy, fast and without any difficulties for you as a seller.

We pride ourselves on taking immediate action and respond to your request as soon as possible.

When you would like to sell your car or entire collection, we offer the following options:

  • Cash sales: This is our preferred form of transaction. We are always interested in the outright purchase of high quality cars.
  • Commission sales: This is not our typical business model, but if a commission sale is your preferred option we would be very happy to discuss your requirements further.
  • Part Exchange: We are always happy to consider taking your existing vehicle or (part of) your collection against the value of a car or cars which we have in stock. In this case we can also pay you a certain amount of money on top of a car / cars from us.