MKII 3.8
Year of build:
€ 65.000,-


  • Impeccable restoration at one of the most well known companies in the Netherlands for an amount which is much higher then the current price
  • One of the nicer examples we have offered for sale
  • Factory fitted with power steering 
  • The most desirable version, manual gearbox with overdrive


According to sir William Lyons, well known as mister Jaguar is the MKII the maximum of grace, pace and space.
Nowadays the Jaguar MKII is known as one of the nicest classic saloons which can be used on the track as well as on a daily base on the main roads.

The MKII has two faces, one face shows a very fast sport saloon which make the car very attracting during its years for the police as well as for the thieves (think of the movies from Get Carter with Michael Caine and off-course inspector Morse). The other face showed an extremely comfortable, representative car which was mainly used as a business car for the upper-class.
The space inside, the way of sitting in the chairs, the looks, but above all the way of driving make the Jaguar one of the greatest saloons to have in a collection.

Approximately 6 years ago we were able to find a Jaguar MKII in a unique condition. We drove about 10.000 kilometers with the car in one summer.

The car which we owned that time had a 3.8 litre engine with manual gearbox and overdrive.
According to some books, this should be the best specification but this is only because it shows the highest number.
As by Jaguar people, it is well known that not the 3.8 with manual gearbox and overdrive but the 3.4 litre engine with this combination is the best driver. Even the bank robbers drove the 3.4 in the specification of the car which we offer now. They found it a better driving engine and even faster.
Honestly, nowadays there is not such a big difference in the output of both engines. We have had a 3.8 which was slower then a 3.4 litre.



This Jaguar MKII has been bought in the nineties by a gentlemen in Holland. At the time it was interesting tax wise for companies to drive on a daily base with a classic car. It happened therefore that cars were extremely impressive restored like this Jaguar MKII.

The company who carried out the nut and bolt restoration of this car is called Noble House.

As an introduction, we would like to tell you that if we are able to buy a Jaguar MKII which has been restored by this company we almost dare to do buy such a car without any inspection as we know their quality level is extremely high.

On the other hand, a restoration at Noble House is not cheap. The costs of the restoration has been much higher then the value of the car but in this case, the former owner did not care about this point.

Because of the fact that we very much like these Jaguar MKII’s we have had quite a lot of these cars during the years. But this example seems to be one of the nicest example we have owned.

We have to keep in mind that the restoration took place in the nineties but the car has not been driven often and is therefore in an extremely nice condition.



Details such as the door fittings are excellent. The chrome looks fantastic/like new and the paintwork is looking absolutely superb. One can see when the car is on the lift on both sides a small scratch under the sill but one can only see this when the car is lifted.

The windows and doorrubbers are all in a very nice condition as well.

Actually it will be very hard to find an MKII in such a condition.



The interior looks extremely nice and has very nice tan colored leather and carpets.
The car is as it has to be and has not been over-restored, although it seems nicer in our opinion as it left the factory.
The beautiful wooden dashboard has been restored as it had to be without a too shiny finish.
We can off-course write a 4 pages story about the condition of this car but we prefer to invite you to look at the car yourself.
The car is just extremely nice. Maybe the steering wheel could be upgraded with a nicer example but this is the only point we can find which could be improved.



Driving the Jaguar is extremely nice.
We collected the car approximately 75 kilometers from our premises and drove her to our cleaning company.
It felt as the MKII was a daily driver. The handling is absolutely superb. The car drives extremely easy and is very very fast.
One can easily drive 130 kilometers an hour with the car due to the fact that the car is fitted with a later installed 4 speed gearbox with overdrive.
The combination with the 3.8 liter engine is just fabulous and gives a huge smile on our face.

The combination of the 4 speed gearbox with overdrive is superb. One can drive very comfortable and with a low engine sound on the motorway while it is a very fast car to drive in the lower gears.

So the current condition of this car is fantastic.
The car is off-course starting withe ease and is in superb operation, with an easy to handle clutch, responsive brakes and exhilarating performance.
The car handles adroitly, just as you may expect from a car which was used by the police in those years as well as by the famous bank robbers!

Just to finish this story. There is quite a lot of differences in a MKII and a MKII. It can be a fantastic driving classic car but if it is not well restored, a MKII can drive absolutely horrible.

This example has also been fitted with an original powersteering.

In our opinion it is very difficult to find a car in this condition and in this price region which has been so nicely restored. We hope you will visit us to judge the Jaguar yourself.



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