MKII 3.8 litre + Overdrive
Year of build:
€ 42.500,-
  • The ultimate Jaguar MKII. 3.8 liter with manual gearbox and overdrive
  • Absolute amazing original condition. A UNIQUE FIND!
  • Beautifully presented in its original classic and rare Bronze metallic paint over beautiful biscuit leather interior
  • The Mark II was an extremely elegant sedan that has been considered the most eye-catching, most compact Jaguar sedan ever
  • Built for covering long distances in comfort and style, this is a superbly usable car
  • With a desirable articulating sunroof installed by the dealer in 1962


“One of the most impressive sights today is the rapid and purposeful progress of a Mark 2 Jaguar on a motorway, eating up the miles in the fast lane. Like the nose of a bullet, the rounded frontal shape looks right for high speed, and the sheer velocity attained is usually exhilarating.” – Autocar.

One of the most readily recognized cars of the 1960s, thanks in part to countless appearances in films and on television, Jaguar’s seminal MKII saloon set the standard for the class throughout its entire production life and today remains highly prized by enthusiasts.

The Jaguar Mark II was introduced in October 1959 and continued in production until 1967.

The MK II was based on the MKI, but the result was different in many ways, both aesthetically and mechanically.

Improvements to the design and modern materials resulted in a reduced overall weight.

The interior was completely redesigned but retained its luxury and elegance with such amenities as leather and wood veneer.

Under the hood was an XK 6 cylinder engine, the same that had won at LeMans in 1951 and 1953.

The Mk II was the most successful model to date for Jaguar. And, testament to the Mk II’s timeless style, Jaguar used the Mk II’s style as inspiration to produce the 1999-2008 S-Type.



This car is extremely unique.

Many Jaguar MKII’s have been restored over the years.

Understandable because a Jaguar MKII is a very usable car so a lot of kilometers can easily be driven on a comfortable way. Due to the use and the age a lot of MKII’s are not existing anymore or restored but this car is absolutely one of a kind and extremely unique.

The car is extremely original and has only been very well maintained over the years and very well stored.

In the history file we could read that the car drove originally 77.000 miles since new. The odo meter is currently showing 77.800 miles.

This clarifies the fantastic condition of the Jaguar MKII.

The MKII benefits from a recent engine rebuilt whereby pistons, headgasket, timing chain and also the clutch were renewed.

In Holland the car benefitted from a rebuilt of the brake system and a year ago 5 new tires have been installed.

The engine of the Jaguar show the correct matching numbers on the engine head and under block.

The most powerful and top range 3.8 litre engine is combined with the most desirable gearbox being a manual gearbox with overdrive.

The Jaguar was delivered the 30th of August 1962 via the distributor British Motor Car Distributor LTB in San Francisco, California, who installed the articulating sunroof.

An ORIGINAL document of the Manufacturer’s Warranty from 1962 is available in the history file of the car

Its first owner is recorded as a Mr. John G. Campbell in San Francisco.

With long-term private owners from new this car has enjoyed the care of keepers who clearly thought of it as something special – which, with its powerful top-of-the-line 3.8-liter motor, it certainly is.

Approximately in 2018 the MKII was brought to the Netherlands and we have been able to purchase the car recently.

This car has been owned by people with a passion for cars.
One can easily recognize this when the car is closely inspected.

The car run and drive very well and comes with a nice history file as well as the original Jaguar manual and all tools.



Condition wise this Jaguar is so extremely unique. We have traded many Jaguar MKII’s but this is certainly 1 of a kind.

The body of the car is extremely original with mainly original paint. The chrome is unbelievable nice with a beautiful shine and almost no signs of use.

The doorfittings of the MKII are superb.

The sunroof is according to the history file installed immediately when the car was delivered and it is a fantastic feature as it can be opened completely which gives a sort of convertible feeling when driving around with an open roof.

The lights and glasses are also in a nice condition with some pitting on the front window.

The front windcreens show signs of stone chips which is normal with such an original example.

The Jaguar sits on beautiful chrome wired wheels.



The interior of the Jaguar is fabulous as well. The Biscuit leather interior fit the exterior color very well.

The leather on the seats, the carpets, the headlining as well as the wood is all original and in a beautiful condition.
One can see off-course the patina on all the described parts but that’s the uniqueness of this car.

The wooden parts which are almost everywhere in a Jaguar MKII are so impressively nice. If the wood is still original after some years it is mainly cracked or changed color because of the sun but in this car one can see how Jaguar actually delivered these cars and how beautiful the wood can be.

The interior of the Mark II is truly a masterpiece with its beautiful walnut veneer dash, plush leather seats, and multiple gauges placed in easy distance from the driver along with a row of toggle switches.



We are personally completely in love with this Jaguar MKII. We always like a Jaguar MKII.

A MKII is beautiful and drives very well. It has enough space to carry 4 persons as well as luggage but still drives very sporty.

The look of the Jaguar MKII is in our opinion fabulous. The beautiful shape and the huge amount of chrome make it a beautiful appearance.

Driving the MKII is absolutely fantastic. The 3.8 engine gives exactly the correct power while a 3.4 can be sometimes a bit underpowered, the sound is excellent and amongst that does the car looks excellent.

The combination of the 4 speed gearbox with overdrive is superb. One can drive very comfortable and with a low engine sound on the motorway while it is a very fast car to drive in the lower gears.

The looks of the MKII is even better because of this nice color combination. If the car is parked on the street it attracts a lot of attention because of the quality of the car and off-course because of the color.





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