Year of build:
€ 79.500,-


  • The E-type which can be driven by everybody, also taller persons
  • Nicely restored example
  • Benefits from a 5 speed gearbox upgrade
  • Rare appearance to find such a nice restored series II 2+2


The iconic Jaguar E-Type has a long history, with three series of the car produced over a period of 15 years. The British sports car was reputedly named the “most beautiful car in the world” by none other than Enzo Ferrari and is often considered to be one of, if not the greatest, sports car of all time.
The car was first displayed to the press on 15 March 1961 to an unbelievable level of excitement, giving birth to a true automotive icon – but it almost wasn’t to be. Such was the demand for road tests from the British media that the E-Type scheduled for Geneva was still on UK shores on the evening of 14 March 1961.
So, in fittingly dramatic style, Jaguar executive Bob Berry drove the car flat-out from the factory in Coventry all the way to the Parc des Eaux-Vives in Geneva – arriving just 20 minutes before the car was to be revealed to the world. Of course, 20 minutes later, pandemonium ensued.
The car was revolutionary in many ways, but it was the stylish and iconic bodywork that set it apart from the rest of the cars currently in production. It also featured faired-in headlights and a centred twin exhaust, which was different to all other production models at the time.
It wasn’t just the looks that impressed many about the Jaguar E-Type and made it one of the most desirable cars in production, though. The launch price of the car was around £2,250, comparatively valued at £38,000 in today’s money, which made it surprisingly more affordable than many other sports cars. It also featured much more modern specifications such as independent rear suspension and all-round disk brakes that put it ahead of its time.

The 3.8-litre engine produced 265bhp and could reach a top speed of 150mph, which made it the fastest production car in the world at that time. That was just as well, as Jaguar had already printed brochures claiming it was capable of the magic 150mph before the car went into production.
E-Type has been and continues to be one of the most desirable cars ever made, with celebrity owners including some of the biggest names around. Frank Sinatra is said to have taken one look at the Jaguar upon its 1961 reveal and said “I want that car, and I want it now” – just the beginning of the E-Types love affair with celebrities.

Other famous owners included George Harrison, Roy Orbison, George Best, Tony Curtis and Peter Sellers to name a few.

Jaguar was able to increase the power from the engine from 3.8 to 4.2 liter which is also fitted in this specific example.

This car is a so-called series 2 which was a different appearance in comparison to the series 1 with an enlarged mouth, re-positioned front and tail light as well as a wrap-around rear bumper.



This Jaguar E-type Series 2 2+2 started it’s life in California.
A garage named Holiday motors which were located at Boulevard Sherman Oaks delivered the car at the 24th. of November 1969 to a gentlemen named Alan Stezhl.

We know this details because we found a very unique original Jaguar service passport in the car. On this passport we have been able to find the engine and chassis number as well as the details of the first owner.
A very unique document to keep with the car.

In 1987 the Jaguar came to Germany where it was owned by Thaddäus Bartocha.

In 1994 the Jaguar was sold to it’s former owner who recently sold the car to us.

This gentlemen carried out a time consuming restoration but the result is very very nice.

During the restoration the car has been slightly upgraded with a desirable 5 speed gearbox as well as an alternator dynamo.

It’s a great car which drives extremely well. Very comfortabel to sit and with a lot of power. A great car for a trackday on the circuit or a longer holiday trip even with 1 or 2 children on the backseat.



The exterior of the Jaguar is in a very nice cosmetic condition. It is clearly visible that a lot of time and money has been spend on this car.

A rare appearance because the value of a series II is off-course lower and the restoration costs are the same or even higher so it is hard to find a nicely restored series II example.

The paintwork of the car has been done to high standards. The body of the car is very nice and very straight displaying perfect fits and gaps.

The chrome is still original. In a wonderful condition with small signs of patina.

The lights and glasses are all in a very nice condition.

The wheels are brand new and wonderful shining.

The front window is still the original window since new and shows some minor pitting.



The leather on the seats have been renewed in period correct leather and on the period correct way.

The rest of the interior is in a wonderful condition. Many original details which didn’t need any attention for the restoration.

The center console of the dashboard show all the original buttons which are all in perfect working condition. Also the information below is still showing perfectly well and has not been damaged due to it’s age.

The Jaguar is fitted with a beautiful wooden Moto Lita steering wheel.

Currently a well playing more modern radio / cd player is fitted in the Jaguar.



When the engine bay is opened it is becoming even more clear that this car has cost a serious amount of money to bring it in it’s current condition.

The engine and engine head have been overhauled during the restoration and the cas has not been driven many kilometers since the restoration.

Therefore the engine bay looks in a wonderful condition.

Another upgrade amongst the 5 speed gearbox is the alternator dynamo to avoid any battery problems during longer trips.

It is easily visible on the car but also on the pictures that the engine bay is in a wonderful and perfect period correct condition.

The engine bay shows the quality of this car. It’s all very very nice.



The Jaguar starts immediately and has the handling of a wonderful and properly set E-type but due to the 5 speed gearbox the comfort on the motorway is great.

The steering and suspension on this car is very well set and off-course is the main part of the car, the engine superb. The 4.2 liter gives the car so much power.

The improved disc brakes and improved cooling and charging systems make this E-type a fantastic car to drive.

Altogether an absolute fantastic appearance due to the high quality of restoration but also a fantastic driving example



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