Series 62 Convertible
Maroon Dark Red
Year of build:
€ 110.000,-

This Cadillac is currently under reserve. If you would like to be updated about the status of the sale please contact us by phone or by e-mail.

  • Superb restored example
  • Nut and bolt restored in Denmark including engine, gearbox, hydraulics
  • Newly delivered in Denmark
  • Absolute stunning appearance. The restoration has cost much more then the price which is asked for the car.
  • If only the best is good enough


An American car in the Houtkamp Collection. A lot of people don’t expect that. Honestly we neither, but this example is absolutely amazing and so incredibly beautiful that we were more then willing to welcome her in the collection.

This Cadillac was owned by a large classic car collector who bought a beautiful Bentley from us and traded in this car because of a lack of space.

The quality level of this German customer is extremely high. The gentlemen is always looking for the best of the best.

When he saw this Cadillac at a show in Germany he decided to buy the car. 

The condition is so extremely unique that it will be hard to find a 2nd. Example in such a condition.

The Cadillac series 62 was first introduced in 1940. The car was offered for more than two decades. 

This specific example is a series 3 example which was introduced just after the war and is easy recognizable by the famous Cadillac fins, which are without question one of the most iconic styling cues of the 1950s. 



This specific Cadillac is a rather unique example as off-course most of these Cadillacs were sold and delivered in the United States but this specific example is a car which is newly delivered in Denmark. 

It has been in Denmark for almost it’s entire life before the Cadillac came to the former owner in Germany.

We have had quite a lot of cars from Denmark and a unique and nice feature on Danish cars is most of the time the condition. 

It seems that the quality of restoration in Denmark is extremely high. 

We once asked a gentlemen from Denmark and he told us that time is not a big issue for Danish people so they invest a lot of time in making a superb result.

That’s definitely the case with this Cadillac. We certainly have never seen a car like this in such an amazing condition. 

According to the former owner the Cadillac has been restored over a 30 years period starting from 1983. Actually it seems that the car is just finished from restoration as there are no signs of damages, even not from a stone chip. 



The Cadillac is in a superb cosmetic condition. The paint can be best described as from a very very high standard with a beautiful deep shine and gloss.

The body is extremely straight which is unique because the car is off-course very big.

The gaps are perfect as well.

The chrome is absolutely amazing on this car. It must have cost a fortune to bring the chrome to the current condition. Even in re-chroming there is a quality difference but this chrome is just better then excellent.

The windows as well as the lights and glass are all as new so actually the entire exterior can be described as pristine and unique due to the fact that the costs of restoration must have exceeded the current price of the car.



The Cadillac is condition wise, both interior and exterior wise in a superb cosmetic condition. 

The leather interior is as new and the leather which is used is from a very high quality resulting in a soft and comfortable seat position. 

The dashboard is stunning as well. The chrome is like a mirror without any signs of pitting or scratches. 

The sprayed black top is the same. Again in a wonderful condition.

All buttons and knobs are as new and everything is perfectly working. Even the electrical windows as well as the soft top are opening and closing with a touch on the button.

Actually the entire interior is as new and perfectly detailed including the carpet but also small items as the blowers, the mirror or the buttons of the radio.

We can conclude that the detailing in the interior is extraordinary. 



Again the description is only extremely positive. The engine is completely rebuilt and runs beautifully. But probably the looks of the engine are even more impressive then the sound of the engine.

If the engine bay is opened it becomes immediately clear that this car has been restored extremely thorough. 



What should we write about the driving experience. From the moment that you start the car it gives a smile on the face. 

The sound is absolutely fantastic but also the seat position is as you expect and see in the American movies. 

Actually it feels as you are in the cinema instead of in a car. 

The Cadillac is starting immediately and runs very well. The handling is smooth and easy

All together this is a very rare and unique example of the Series 62 Cadillac Convertible.



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