Year of build:
€ 58.500,-


  • Beautiful restored example
  • Complete with impressive history file dating back all owners
  • Restored in original colour scheme
  • Serious money but small money for such an impressive automobile 


Bentley came out of the 2nd. World war with a bang. The Bentley MK6 was effectively an all-new car and was full of new technology to boast abot. WW2 starting blocks with a bang.

The MKVI was built between 1946 and 1952 and marked a radical change for Rolls Royce as it was the first car to be offered by the company with factory built coachwork. 

The MKV was powered with a 132 bhp 6 cylinder engine.The car was built by Rolls Royce on a level which was normally done by custom coachbuilders of the era. 

The MKVI was trimmed and painted to a standard which was extremely high and could serve the high demanding clientele. 



This Bentley MKVI is a very impressive example. The color combination is excellent and suits the Bentley very well. Amongst the fact that the color combination is very nice, the car has been newly delivered to it’s first owner in 1952 in the same color combination.

The entire history of the car has been researched and comes with the car in a large binder.

The Bentley was delivered to Rolls Royce in Crewe at the 6th. Of June 1952. 

At the 16th. of June 1952, the Bentley found it’s first real first owner which was Mr. John Jacob Astor.

From 1954 till 1970 the Bentley remained in the UK where it was owned by the following companies/people:

1-6-1954: The Car Mart Sales, London

31-8-1954: Percy Richard Clements, Essex

24-6-1957: E.J. Elgood, London

28-11-1970: John Ware, Chelsea

In 1978 the Bentley was imported into the Netherlands where it underwent a restoration in 1979.

It was owned in the time by Mr. Robert de Quilettes from a village called Beek. 

In September 2000 the car was sold to a Mr. Van Meerwijk from Heemstede.

From 2000 till 2003 the Bentley was impressively restored.

Exterior, interior as well as the engine has been restored/rebuilt.

A large binder with pictures from the restoration is available. 

The binder of the history of the Bentley is very impressive and even includes the original guarantee card as well as old letters and information.



This Bentley is a beautiful appearance. The response on the car from people on the street is fantastic. It seems that everybody loves the car, young and old.

The huge chrome grille is beautiful and impressive. 

The color combination certainly helps because the dark blue exterior color suits the car very well.

The chrome is in a wonderful condition. Very shiny without any pitting.

The quality of the paint is also very nice even as the door-fittings. 

All windows and rubbers are in a nice condition as well. 
As these cars are very expensive to restore because of their size and amount of chrome etc. it will be difficult to find a nice condition MKVI but this example certainly is a very very nice car. 



The interior of the Bentley is probably the most impressive part of the car. It is made with the highest quality materials. 

If you enter the car it is an oase of very soft (handbag quality) leather.

The carpet is in the same dark red/maroon color and is everywhere finished with a leather surrounding.
The wooden dashboard is in a superb condition as well and has been fully restored.

The headlining is in a superb condition as well. 

Amongst the condition of the interior we advice to carefully look at the pictures of the interior. The design is typically Bentley. Cosy and full of high quality materials. 

When looking at the pictures it will also be clear that a restoration of such a car is extremely expensive and will exceed the price of the car which we currently ask.



The Bentley drives as she looks, very smooth and elegant.

The engine starts with a push on the button.

The sound of the engine is smooth as you might expect from such a Bentley.

The gears can be changed on the right side of your legs. Easy for people who are used to drive left hand drive cars.

This car is recently technically completely checked and is ready for nice trips.





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