Aston Martin
DB4 Series II
Year of build:
Price on Request
  • Ordered new by Lord Baeverbrook
  • High performance specification including SS (Special Series) engine in full GT specification (Twin Plug GT cylinder head)
  • Impressive history file including first logbook and restoration data
  • Invoices of around € 40.000,- of recent Aston Martin heritage body restoration
  • Restored in England to extremely high level
  • Fitted with air-conditioning

When it was first unveiled, the Aston Martin’s DB4 was a tremendous step forward for the firm, and represented a technologically and aesthetically impressive car that has now reached cult status for collectors and casual enthusiasts alike. Much of this has been fueled by the substantially similar DB5’s association with James Bond, but many seasoned collectors prefer the compact dimensions and purity of the early DB4. From a technological standpoint, the car was quite impressive, with an all new 3.7 liter twin-cam inline-6, disc brakes all round, and rack and pinion steering. The bodywork, by Touring of Milan, is achingly gorgeous, and constructed in their famous Superleggera style of aluminum skin wrapped around small tubes.



It gives a double feeling when I write this advert for the Aston Martin DB4 as it is an extremely impressive car and by far the best driving DB4 we have ever owned. It is a car which is so easy and impressive to drive that it would be better to keep her in our own collection instead of selling.

Different improvements have been implemented to this Aston to make it possible to use the car on a daily base.
Amongst other things the car is fitted for example with factory airconditioning and a long 4th gear.

The looks of the Aston are fabulous. The sanction 2 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato green color is superb and the black interior fits the color very well.

The DB4 comes with an impressive history file which even includes the first UK logbook.

From 1960 until 1990, the Aston has had only 5 owners.

The car was originally delivered in August 1960 by the Aston Martin factory to Lord Beaverbrook.

Lord Beaverbrook sold the DB4 relatively quick as it seems that he received a new DB5 at the end of 1964.

It was then bought at the 7 of December by a person called Denman who already sold it in Februari 1965 to a company called Huntley & Sparks Ltd.

It was in 1966 that the engine was changed for a so-called optional SS (Special Series) engine which produced 265 BHP instead of the standard 240 BHP.

In August 1968 the Aston was sold to John Abbott who drove the car fro a little while and sold it to Mr. Barry Glover in 1971. This gentlemen kept the Aston for a long time.

It was sold to Mister Gibson who used the Aston Martin until 1998.

The car has undergone a very impressive restoration which has been detailed and finalized by the Aston Workshop.

During the restoration, the engine has been fully rebuilt to the full DB4 GT specification (triple Weber 45 carburetors), including un upgrade to 4.2 litre capacity.
During the rebuilt, the engine was uprated with a twin plug GT Cylinder head and fast road camshafts.
In 1999, the Aston Martin was bought by a Dutch gentlemen. The Dutch gentlemen was not happy with the bodywork of the car while it was already done by the very well known Aston Workshop.

He decided to do a complete body restoration at Aston Martin heritage. Invoices from about € 40.000,- declare why this Aston is looking so impressively well.

We bought this Aston Martin in December 2014 and sold the car in Januari 2015 to a good friend / collector of Aston Martin’s. We still remember that he collected the DB4 together with 2 other cars which he bought from us.
He decided to drive 3 cars with old schoolmates to his holiday house in the South of France which was a 1.400 kilometers trip.
It was a huge trip with a lot of fun and most important without any technical problem.

We have now been able to buy 3 cars out of the collection of this gentlemen because he would like to upgrade. Less cars but even more expensive cars.

We are thankful that we could buy this DB4 back and look forward to make somebody extremely happy with this very very special DB4,



When driving this Aston Martin, the reactions are fantastic. It seems as everybody becomes a classic car enthusiast as many people show their enthusiasm about the car. This is not strange because the looks of the DB4 are so fabulous.
Actually, the DB5 might be worth more money but many people would agree with me that the DB4 is the nicer looking of the 2.

Because of the impressive body restoration at Aston Martin heritage, the Aston looks superb. All the linings/doorfittings are excellent.

The chrome is excellent, even as all the windows.

The Aston is fitted with beautiful Torino wheels with Borani spinners.



During the restoration, the interior of the DB4 has been completely refurbished and made as it was originally.

The result is fabulous and the interior color suits the car very well.

The seats are perfectly restored and have a perfect seat (quite often the seats are filled to much which look nice but is impossible to have a comfortable seat position).

Double front carpets show that a lot of car has been taken during the use of the car.



Driving an Aston Martin is special. Everybody knows the brand because of James Bond and everybody seems to love the brand.
An Aston Martin is always accepted and people enjoy seeing an Aston life on the street.

This specific example is a very nice driver. The car handles very well and the power is outstanding.

A DB4 is actually the first Aston built which could be driven on a daily base in our opinion because the handling is very easy.

For the continent it is off-course a huge advantage that this Aston is a left hand drive example. But amongst this advantage, the amount of left hand drive cars made by Aston Martin is rather low which results in a huge demand for these cars.




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