Fulvia Fanalone Series I
Year of build:
€ 87.500,-


  • Authentic example of Lancia’s legendary Fanalone
  • Dubbed ‘Fanalone’ (roughly translated as ‘big headlights’), won the Italian Rally Championship eight times between 1965 and 1973, and both the International Championship of
  • Manufacturers and Monte Carlo Rally in 1972 – the latter courtesy of Fulvia folk hero Sandro Munari.
  • Is ready for immediate use on the historic rally stages or prestigious events such as the Tour Auto or Modena Cento Ore


After a decade’s hiatus from racing, in 1965 Lancia re-established a competition department, the Reparto Corse, and began to focus on the Fulvia Coupé, which began production that same year. Adopting the “High Fidelity” logo from privateer HF Squadra Corse, Lancia developed a series of lightweight homologation specials based on the standard Fulvia Coupé.

The first HF Coupé was based on the original 1,216-cubic centimetre Coupé, but in the interest of weight reduction, Lancia removed the bumpers, replaced the standard car’s steel doors, bonnet, and boot lid with alloy pieces, replaced the side and rear glass with acrylic, and deleted all undercoating and sound deadening. The engine was tuned with a special head, hotter cams, and larger carburettors for a useful increase in power. The 1967 introduction of the 1,298-cubic centimetre engine in the standard Fulvia Coupé saw the development of the 1.3 HF, which followed the same pattern as its predecessor.

Perhaps the most famous detail, though, are the oversized Carello driving lights in place of the main beams. At the time, competition rules stipulated a limited number of lights up front, so Lancia had no choice but to upgrade the existing configuration. It turned out to be the signature design element of the car, earning it the nickname “Fanalone”(roughly translated as ‘big headlights’).

The 1.6 HF Fanalone also benefitted from a close-ratio, five-speed gearbox, front suspension modifications and aluminium body panels, which transformed it into a potent 850-kg world-beating rally car.

The Fulvia won the Italian Rally Championship eight times between 1965 and 1973, and both the International Championship of Manufacturers and Monte Carlo Rally in 1972 – the latter courtesy of Fulvia folk hero Sandro Munari.

Lancia built 1,258 examples between late 1969 and mid-1970, with a further 20 chassis about a year later to replenish the Works rally team.

The car contributed to world championship points until 1974, when it was replaced by the legendary Stratos.


Chassis number 002154, was first registered in Portugal, in Lissabon in 1970.
The original color of the car was Rosso Corsa and the car is still in this color.

The car is very complete with an instruction manual as well as a big file with history details as well as restoration pictures and invoices.

It is perfectly suited for the exciting array of events that this car is eligible for, without having to stress over an occasional stone chip.

The looks of the Lancia are superb but drive wise it’s seriously spectacular. The car is driving extremely well. Fast with a nice noise from the exhaust and a great handling.
A corner is an absolute joy and the sharper the more fun.
This is really big fun to drive!



The bodywork of the Lancia is in a very nice and presentable condition. It has undergone a restoration over the years. Pictures and invoices are available from this restoratoin.

The sills are renewed and the brightwork is in a very reasonable and nice condition.

The paint is nicely shiny and the doorfittings are very fine.



All of the HF trim on this example is in a very good shape.

The elegant Fulvia wood dash looks very nice and is free of cracks, as is the black vinyl dash top.

The Fanalone seats are in very good condition and both striking and comfortable.

Door panels, the parcel shelf, and all carpets are excellent throughout.



During the Fanalone’s reign, and in the decades to follow, Lancia entered the highest echelon of achievement during the most legendary years of the European rally scene. It all started with this car.

All Lancia cars of the pre-Fiat era are overbuilt and engineered to an unbelievably high level. The details of their engines, suspension, and overall design are fascinating, and truly not found elsewhere.

The gearbox is a joy to use and delights its user with a short throw and precise action. These cars retain the shorter gearing from their rally brethren.

This Fanalone would undoubtedly make for a fantastic drive on any number of historic rallies, the car loves to grip and go, hurtling around corners in much the same way as its rally brethren.

Eligible for many events, and increasingly collectable thanks to their limited homologation production run, the Fanalone represents the best of the old Lancia as it entered a new era under Fiat.



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