XK 120 OTS
Year of build:
€ 105.000,-


  • Desirable Special Equipment example
  • Wonderful color combination
  • Fitted with desirable upgrades such as disc brakes and 5 speed gearbox
  • A truly drivers example

The Jaguar XK100 never existed as a production model, but there had been plans to produce it, and it was to have been powered by a 2 litre 4 cylinder engine which had been developed as part of the engine development program that had taken place in the war years. Apart from the engine, the car itself was to have been much the same as the XK120. The XK100 was never produced because  the cost would have been almost the same as the XK120 due to the fact that initially the cars were largely handbuilt and this accounted for the largest percentage of the total cost.
The XK120 itself was almost certainly never intended to be a volume production model either. At that time Jaguar had an engine, the newly developed 6 cylinder XK unit, but the large sedan for which it was intended was not ready. This sedan, the MK VII finally appeared in 1950.

In the meantime Jaguar badly needed to stir up some excitement, as its range was still of pre-war design, so the XK Open Two Seater Super Sports as it was then known was designed as a “show car” for the 1948 Motor Show. It utilized a shortened version of the chassis designed for the MK VII, which was already in use in the post war MK V, and the brand new XK engine, the result of all the research done during the war, while Jaguar could not produce any cars. It made extensive use of aluminum for the body panels, and William Lyons had plans to market it as a fairly low volume “specialty car”. Its purpose was to maintain public interest until the introduction of the MK VII, and act as a test bed for the new engine.

The rest is now history, the car was a sensation and orders so overwhelmed the production capability that it needed to be redesigned to be build at a production line.

The first model which is this model was the so-called XK open Two Seater / Roadster. Amongst the roadster was the 120 also available as a Drophead Coupe and a Fixed Head Coupe.

All of the XK 120’s were fitted with a 3442cc 6 cylinder engine. This engine is absolutely fabulous and due to the perfect power to weight ratio the car has an amazing performance.

The XK 120 is a car which can be driven on a racetrack but it is also a fantastic car to use for holiday trips. The big engine is great to drive on the highway because it does not produces very high revs at higher speed and is therefore very comfortable.

This specific example is one of the best driving XK 120’s we have ever had and we have traded many of these cars because we personally love them. The power is great, the looks are very nice and the handling is superb. But every XK is slightly different and due to the fact that this XK has been slightly upgraded, the car is driving even better as another “standard” XK 120.



We are personally completely in love with this specific Jaguar XK 120.
The sound which comes from the exhaust is slightly louder then normal. It remembers us of an XK 140 which we used some years ago for Italian rallies.
It was an XK 140 which was driving so perfect. The handling of that car together with the looks and the power was just superb and hard to find in any other car.

A Jaguar XK can feel so perfect. The seat position can be comfortable and as mentioned before, the handling can be superb.

This specific example still has it’s original patinated leather which is in a beautiful condition.
The seat position is fantastic because most XK’s are sitting uncomfortable because of newly made seats which are most of the time too hard and too high which ruins the comfortable seat position an XK can have.

Due to the upgrades such as the 4 disc brakes and the 5 speed gearbox the handling is even better then normal.

The gearbox is from the interior not visible because the old knob has been used.

The Jaguar has been owned by the former owner since 2012. A gentlemen with a nice collection of special cars. The theme in his collection was FIRST SERIES. He had a variety of cars from the first series including a Facel Vega FV2B and an Aston Martin DB4 series I.

This XK was a car to drive. Not pristine / nicer then new restored but just very nice and usable.

Maintenance was carried out on a regular base as the former owner is a very precise person. This car was serviced in and registered in France (carte gris).



The body of the Jaguar is in a very nice condition. Due to the wonderful color combination the car presents beautifully.
The paint is very nice with some small imperfections. It is a drivers car, not a trailer queen which is made nicer then new.

The door fittings are very nice. The chrome wheels are in as new condition. The rest of the chrome such as the window surrounding and bumpers are also very nice.
One can find slight signs of wearing.

The soft top of the Jaguar is in a nice condition.



The interior of the Jaguar is probably the most impressive part of the car. The seats are still wearing the original leather which is in a beautiful condition.

The dashboard also shows the original leather and all meters and gauges are in a perfectly working order.



The engine bay shows perfect and is nicely detailed. When the car was repainted the engine has been taken out to carry out a professional job.

Many correct details are in place, including very nicely polished valve covers.



As we started this story with, the driving experience of this specific Jaguar XK is just great. The handling and the performance is just perfect.
The sound from the exhaust is slightly louder which gives more fun.
The upgraded 5 speed gearbox and 4 disc brakes make this car the ultimate drivers XK.

This XK 120 is a very nice car to see and a fantastic car to drive.




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