Dark Blue
Year of build:
€ 45.000,-
  • Impressively restored and complete with over € 67.500,- euro’s of invoices of professional restoration companies
  • Factory Left Hand Drive Example
  • One of the last great traditional British roadsters
  • Great performance, wonderful character, and unique looks
  • Fitted with overdrive, offering more comfortable cruising speed
  • With a lovely wooden dashboard
  • An impressively nice looking and superb driving TR6

It is very much a masculine machine, calling for beefy muscles, bold decisions, and even ruthlessness on occasion. It could be dubbed the last real sports car.” Autocar. 17th April 1969.

Writing in 1969, Autocar magazine went as far as to comment that “Even if the Austin-Healey 3000 had not been dropped, the TR6 would have taken over as the he-man’s sports car in its own right“.

With a burly six-cylinder engine inside a timelessly styled 2-seat roadster body, the Triumph TR6 was one of the last great traditional British roadsters.

The first Triumph TR6 rolled off the production line in 1969.

It was offered as an affordable, six-cylinder sports car, rivaling similar classics such as the MGB-GT and the Triumph Spitfire. 

It was mainly produced as a competitor for the more expensive Austin Healey 3000.

The TR6 featured a four-speed manual transmission and an optional equipment overdrive unit was a desirable feature because it gave drivers close-gearing for spirited driving whilst remaining an excellent touring car for open motorways. 

It also featured independent rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, 15″ wheels and tyres, pile carpet on the floors and boot, bucket seats and a full complement of instrumentation. 

Braking was provided by disc brakes at the front and rear drum brakes.

While most sports cars at the time were designed with sleek, curved lines, the TR6 was squared off at both ends, making it stand out from it’s competitors. 

The TR6 was just made for seven years but it became a true and very well known British Classic.

An evolution of the TR4/TR5 body, the TR6 still manages to have a unique look all its own, thanks to a redesigned grille and headlights, as well as a squared-off rear end that gave it an aggressive, almost muscle car appearance. 

It manages to look like a bigger car than it actually is, which is undoubtedly part of the reason for its sales success. 



This Triumph TR6 is one of a kind. A car which has undergone a very very VERY intensive restoration.

Invoices with an amount over € 67.500,- euro’s show the amount of time and effort which have been put in this Triumph to bring it to it’s current impressive condition. 

The Triumph has been completely nut and bolt restored and the final restoration invoices arriving with the car are from 2021. In 2022 and 2023 the Triumph has been well maintained at specialists.

The former owner is a very punctual person who takes care of his hobby and spend serious amounts of money in the TR6. The quality had to be super and therefore some of Hollands most well known restoration companies for the body, the interior as well as the technique have been working on this car.

So this is clearly not a privately restored car but a very professional prepared / restored example. 

The Triumph is finished in a delightful Dark Blue with a Black interior, this TR6 sits proudly on wire wheels and benefits from a Mohair hood with tonneau cover and a stainless steel exhaust system.

An overdrive is fitted to the gearbox offering more comfortable cruising speed.

Due to the great succes of the TR6 quite a number of cars have been sold over the 7 years of production and because of the high quality of the car many cars are still existing. 

This makes the car very reasonable priced but very hard to find in a wonderful condition. 

We will explain you why:

The value of the car is lower as the restoration costs. Imagine the costs of the body restoration. The cost are the same if you restore the body of a Ferrari or Aston Martin with a value above € 1.000.000,- or from the Triumph.

One has to be therefore a real enthusiast to be willing to invest more then the value of the car.

The restoration included the entire car so amongst the looks, also the technical aspects of the car have been fully overhauled / restored.

Invoices show the work done on:

  • Steering box
  • Suspension
  • Drive train
  • Engine
  • Clutch

Etc. Etc. 



The history file of the Triumph show impressive restoration pictures of the body as well as invoices. This makes clear that a lot of time and energy has been put in the body of the car which declares the superb result.

The doorfittings of the car are excellent and the body is impressively straight. 

The chrome and glasses are in a very nice order throughout. 

During the restoration the former owner decided to convert the car to chrome wired wheels which make the looks of this TR6 beautiful. 

The wheels are in as new condition.



The interior of the Triumph is in a beautiful order as well. The seats show beautiful as well as the carpets, the buttons and the handles. 

All instruments are in a perfect working order. 

The Triumph TR6 is known because of it’s beautiful wooden dashboard which is in this car off-course in a beautiful condition. 



Off-course one can clearly see the beautiful shape and the impressive condition of this Triumph TR6 but a lot of money has also been spend on the technical aspects of the car.

The suspension, the gearbox, the overdrive as well as the drivetrain and the engine have been overhauled.

This makes this Triumph a very impressive machine to drive. The car starts immediately when the key is turned and one can hear the smooth running of the engine.

The handling of the car is very easy but the power in impressive.

The car benefits from a slightly tuned engine which is combined with a K&N air filter conversion which results in more horsepower.

All the gears engage smoothly and mechanically the Triumph seems to reflect the obvious care and attention that has been lavished on it. 

The overdrive is fitted to the gearbox offering comfortable cruising speed. 

There’s a reason roadsters like this were so popular for decades. 

With great performance, wonderful character, and unique looks, this TR6 has all the right ingredients. 


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