PORSCHE 911S 2.0

PORSCHE 911S 2.0

911 S 2.0
Ossi Blue
Year of build:
€ 175.000,-


  • A highly original and well-documented example
  • Finished in its original colors
  • Excellent history and provenance, well documented
  • Comes with the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
  • Exhilaration S-type performance
  • Highly collectable example
  • Original Italian delivery
  • Potent 170-horsepower S
  • Just 1492 ‘S’ versions built in 1969 


The 911 is so-called because it is the 911th design project since Porsche opened its doors in 1931—is also the first all-Porsche Porsche.

The 356 was the first car to carry the Porsche name, although when it was con­ceived in 1948 it was little more than a special-bodied version of an earlier Porsche design, the Volkswagen.

The Porsche 911 succeeded the Porsche 356 in the end of the year 1963.

The 911, while true to the 356’s basic configuration, was an entirely new and different car.

The engine is like the 356 an air-cooled engine but with again hung out behind the rear axle, but it’s a single-overhead-cam six-cylinder where the 356 was a pushrod four-cylinder (and the Carrera a four-cam four-cylinder).

The new body is far more handsome and the work of old Professor Porsche’s grandson, Ferry, Jr.

In 1969, Porsche introduced a legend, the 911S.

Porsche took its first major step in the evolution of its soon-to-be immortal 911 for the 1969 model year, extending the wheelbase of the new “B” series by 2.4 inches in the interest of improving stability.

The wheel openings were modified to accommodate larger wheels and tires.

Under the engine cover, the air-cooled opposed six-cylinder engine remained at two liters of displacement, but was built on a new magnesium-alloy case.

Titanium alloy – unprecedented in 1969 – was chosen for connecting rods.

Dual ignition ensured both rapid ignition in the combustion chambers and reliability.

Triple-throat Solex carbs were abandoned for precisely tune-able Webers and their free-breathing characteristics were augmented by bigger valves and higher lift cams with more aggressive timing.

The 911 now came in three variations: the 110-horsepower T, the 140-horsepower E, and the potent 170-horsepower S.

The factory produced 1,492 911 S coupes for 1969.



This fine Porsche 911 S, is the 182th example of the “S” series produced.

It is newly delivered via one of the main Italian Porsche dealers Autogerma, in Bologna, Italy at the 1St. of May 1969.

The Porsche is complete with its Porsche Certificate of Authenticity on which can be seen that the color combination of this Porsche is still original.

The Porsche is attractively finished in Ossi Blue (6803) over Black Leatherette.

It retains its original options, including an outside mirror left and Sport Seats.

Mrs. Alfonsa Pancaldi was its first owner, registering it in Bologna (San Giovanni in Percieto) with the number plate BO760277.

In 1995, it was sold to Dr. Pier Giorgio Vasina, a medical surgeon in Ravenna.

During Mr. Vasina’s ownership the 911 was regularly serviced at a Porsche specialist.

At the end of 2005, Mrs. Giorgia Ferrari of Crevalcore, Bologna, acquired the car, later selling it to Mr. Vittorio Mondani in Pecorara, Piacenza, in 2008.

Mr. Mondani entrust servicing to Autosport Ruggi in Piacenza during his ownership.

The car was then purchased in the Netherlands in June 2012, by a meticulous enthusiasts, a dear friend of the Houtkamp Collection.

At that time the car was 43 years old and yet, was still wearing its original factory carpets.

After his purchase the Porsche went straight to a Dutch car specialist for a full service and a variety of work has been done on the car.

He decided to had professionally renewing the seat coverings and the dash top, to have the car repainted and to bring the exterior of the car to a full state of cosmetic perfection by investing in all new light units, and renewing all rubber including body seals, door seals, bumper rubbers and window seals.

The car is furthermore complete with a file with restoration pictures.

The Porsche appears delightfully standard and resembles a car straight from the factory in ’69.

Due to an upgrade of the collection of the former Dutch owner, the Porsche came in our hands.



The exterior of the Porsche is very nice.

The car is restored some years ago and used regularly in light rallies and tours.

The Ossi Blue paint has a beautiful shine.

The body, paint, glass, rubbers, and chrome are in a nice condition.

The doorgaps are very nice, as can be expected from a Porsche.

The wheels feature correct ‘flat-six’ Fuchs rims.

The underside although never restored is in incredible original condition. There is no sign of any previous bodywork or panel repaint.

The original factory undersea is intact with much evidence of additional anti-corrosion treatment over the years.

The external panel all appear to be original too.


The interior design of the 911 is a beautiful place to spend time in.

Black leather upholstery on the seats (as original specification) and interior panels provides a beautiful match with the Blue paintwork.

The instruments, switches, and controls are all in excellent original condition.

The overall experience of the interior is wonderfully mellowed and fascinating thanks to the car’s myriad of interesting period details, all of which have been lovingly preserved and thoughtfully maintained.


The engine bay of this 911 is looking fabulous as it is recently beautifully detailed. Take a look at the pictures to get a glimp of the nice looking engine bay.



The Porsche 911 has gained a reputation for being one of the greatest sports cars ever made, and for good reason.

This 911 provide the driver with a special and highly enjoyable driving experience. Is a very handsome car ready for use.

The acceleration and noises from the engine and exhaust are both very impressive and it has a wonderful exhaust note.

We have personally driven a few rallies with a Porsche 911 2.0 and enjoyed the experience immensely.

It’s easy to drive, it’s reliable and easy to maintain.

Early examples of the Porsche 911 are becoming increasingly difficult to find, especially in such a good original condition as this one.

This example is a rare find that carries all of the original hallmarks you’d expect from a legendary machine.

With fast rising collector focus on these early cars, this 1969 Porsche 911 S provides an excellent opportunity for the serious collector.



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