Year of build:
€ 37.500,-


  • Whilst the standard MG was powered with an inline-four cylinder engine, the most exciting variant was undeniably the 3.5-litre light-alloy V8 variants
  • Extremely original example
  • 0 to 100 in a respectable 7.7 seconds and a topspeed of almost 200 km/h
  • A rare and desirable find as this car is a unmolested example


In production for nearly twenty years, the MG B was first introduced to the world in 1962, and remains one of the most iconic and best-loved British sports cars to ever hit the road. The B GT was introduced in 1965 as a 2+2 sports coupé, and remained in production for 15 years until 1980.

While the standard B GT models were powered by a B-series inline-four engine, the most exciting variant was undeniably the 3.5-litre light-alloy V8 variants, such as the one seen here. Offering 137bhp on tap, the V8 model was able to complete the 0-62 sprint in a respectable 7.7 seconds, and go on to a quoted top speed of 125mph.



We personally owned a B GT V8 for almost 10 years and that’s why we are in love with this car.

It certainly is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The car looks sweet and kind until the key is turned.

The sound of the engine is fabulous and if the gas pedal is pushed the car is slightly moving from left to right.

This car isn’t one of the many converted examples, no this is a genuine factory B GT V8 since new.

This car isn’t an example which has been screwed over the years but a very correct and beautiful example.

The car was owned by the former owners for almost 20 years. Real MG lovers who took the car regularly for longer trips towards it’s roots. The UK and Schotland.

These owners luckily loved the originality of the car and have kept the car as it should be so this is a very rare unmolested example. 



The MG benefit from a respray some years ago by an MG specialist. The paint is in a nice order. One can find some minor imperfections on the boot but overall it will be difficult to find a nicer looking example.

The chrome and aluminium parts are all original and in a very nice order.

The original MG B GT V8 wheels show their typical wearing. Nowadays there are companies restoring the wheels but nobody gives warranties and the condition of the wheels are too nice to ruin them or make them looking nicer then new.

Overall this GT V8 is exterior condition wise a beautiful appearance.



When we took a seat behind the steering wheel of this BG T V8 it felt as coming home. But completely honest this example is much nicer inside then the car we owned for 10 years. This example still has the original seats and carpets which makes the car so adorable.

The carpets are in great shape and new old stock carpets are even coming with the car.

The seats are in a great condition even as the upper dashboard, the dashboard itself and the middle tunnel.

No cracks or notable scuffs are present in the interior.

The doorcards have been once replace by period correct parts. 

During a test-drive we have checked all meters and gauges which are in perfectly working order.



The engine bay of the MG is looking fabulous as it is recently beautifully detailed. Take a look at the pictures to get a glimp of the nice looking engine bay.



During our test drive, the car performed exactly as a V8-engined sports car should, with plenty of low-end torque and a wonderful exhaust note. The car steers very straight and the response on all pedals can be described as excellent.

When the gas pedal is pushed the engine immediately revs and when the brake pedal is pushed the car is braking appropriate without moving to the left or right.

The gearshift is excellent without and noises and the overdrive works immediately as well.

This is a great example of a desirable original GT V8. 




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