A6 1500 Pininfarina
Year of build:
€ 550.000,-
  • Mille Miglia Eligible, one of 61 examples Built
  • Very well documented by extracts provided by Maserati Historian Adolfo Orsi
  • For 40 years in the same ownership
  • The A6 1500 grand tourer was Maserati’s first road car
  • Early Maseratis are considerably more rare than Ferraris of comparable years
  • Presented in its original colors
  • Well-documented and fascinating ownership from new, originally sold to Vittorio Giol, Giol, Italy’s oldest prosecco Winery
  • It has a lovely combination of performance and luxury that set the pattern for Maserati road cars of later years
  • The restoration is well documented, with an accompanying file containing hundreds of photos detailing the entire process
  • Possessing a wonderful rare elegance, Maserati A6s are rarely available for purchase

“When I look back over the sixty-seven or so races in which I drove a Maserati, I remember a few frustrations and many exhilarations. The sort of exhilaration that one gets only from driving a thoroughbred, cars conceived to give battle with the best and pleasure to their drivers.”
Stirling Moss, London, 1975.

The Maserati A6 1500 grand tourer was the company’s first production road car. It was introduced at the Geneva Salon in 1947 to considerable excitement, and a total of sixty-one were produced through 1950.

They were named “A” for Alfieri Maserati (one of the Maserati brothers, founders of Maserati) and “6” for their straight six-cylinders engine.

The A6 1500 was powered by a 1.5 litre (1.488 cc) aluminium and magnesium engine, that was the basis for any racing and street cars produced by Maserati in the following years.

The straight six-cylinders engine was named A6 TR (“Testa Riportata” for its detachable cylinder head), it was based on the pre-war Maserati 6CM unit and is similar to the A6GCS “monofaro” sports car’s 2.0-litre unit.

It had a single overhead shaft and a single Weber carburettor, producing 65 hp at 4,700 rpm.

The price at the time was 4.5 million Italian Lire.
Orders quickly grew for the A6 thanks to the brilliant victories achieved on the tracks.
What the factory would produce in function, Pinin Farina would clothe with form. The body of the A6 1500 is an elegant two-door fast-back coupe body of timeless beauty. This series of Maserati’s has become recognized as a landmark of both mechanical and coach building history.

Beloved for its beautiful lines, spritely performance, attention to quality and luxury details, the Maserati A6 1500 was not only a success in its own right but also served as a strong foundation for the company’s success in the years to come.

These cars had a lovely combination of performance and luxury that set the pattern for Maserati road cars of later years.

The Maserati A6 1500 was produced in only 61 units.



The Maserati A6 1500 chassis was produced at the factory in Modena in 1948.

The 8th of September 1948 the rolling chassis of the Maserati was delivered to Carrozzeria Pinin Farina in Turin and the 9th of April the car returned to Maserati from Carrozzeria Pinin Farina wearing a beautiful “Blue Scuro” (Blue) painted body.

Three days later this beautiful car was completed and offered for sale.

Subsequently it was sold in Treviso and delivered at the 3rd of May 1949 to the first owner, Mr. Vittorio Giol.

A wealthy landowner and winemaker living in San Polo di Piave, Treviso, Italy.

Giol is known as Italy’s oldest prosecco Winery.

In 1953 the Maserati was sold to an American, Mr. Lemuel R. Ladd, who was stationed in Munich, Germany in the US Army.

He is supposed to be the same Lemuel Ladd who was a racing driver before WWII. An important figure in East Coast sports car racing, Lem Ladd was an active member of the Automobile Racing Club of America.

From 1953, there are several Maserati Invoices for the supply of engine spare parts to a new owner, a Mr. Lemuel R. Ladd in Munich, Germany.

In April 1956 Mr. Lemuel Ladd took the car to the factory for a complete overhaul of the engine and repaint of the body before to take the car with him to the USA.

In 1963 this A6 1500 Maserati came into the ownership of David Chopourian of Billerica, Massachusetts. He owned this car for the next forty years, before returning to Italy in 2003 when it was purchased by an Italian collector.

In 2008 the Maserati was commissioned to a full restoration in its original colors. The Maserati was restored in Italy by the firm Bluccino di Baldone Luciano of Ravenna, Italy.

The paint was carefully stripped, revealing a body underneath that was in very good condition.

It has been restored in Italy using great care retaining several original components, most critically, the original engine.

The restoration is well documented, with an accompanying file containing hundreds of photos detailing the entire process.

In an effort to improve drive-ability, a modern five-speed gearbox has since been installed.

In September 2011 the car received the Maserati Certificate from the Maserati Club Italy.

In 2013 this Maserati A6 1500 was purchased by Mr. Peter Fodor of Los Angeles, California. A most notable event during Peter Fodor’s ownership of this car has been its successfully participation in the 2013 Mille Miglia with co-driver David Osborne.

In March 2015 the car was offered by Mr. Peter Fodor through Simon Kidston. A known British classic car dealer with clients including Ralph Lauren, Ferrari collector Jean-Pierre Slavic and designer Marc Newson.

In June 2016 was offered at “The Finest, the Elegance at Hershey” estimated for US $ 675.000/700.000.

The car has been the subject of meticulous expertise by Maserati expert Adolfo Orsi, who reports numerous documents.

In the recent years the Maserati was part of an important collection in the Netherlands.



The exterior of this A6 has been finished to a high level with excellent paint and very nice fitting and gapping of all body panels.

Doors open and close smoothly and various bright work throughout the exterior have been polished and finely detailed to complement the deep Blue paint.



The interior is extremely stylish and full of extremely nice details.

Once seated inside, the car is surprisingly roomy and open due to the expansive glass and light pillar work. The door panels and seats are covered in contrasting Red beautiful leather.

The dashboard is a wonderful display of fully functional instruments and indicators, beaming in harmony with what has to be one of the most artfully designed steering wheels ever to grace the interior of a sports car.

All components are very nice in presentation and condition overall – beautifully designed and faithfully restored.



The timelessly stylish body is accompanied by wonderful road manners and a delightful engine.

When the engine runs the sounds is wonderful and racy like the driving experience.

The car is rather fast and handles as a sports car. The response on the steering as well as the brakes is very fast.

Driven 5-6 times/yearly, the car starts and runs very well, the battery was recently replaced and the gearbox shifts very well.

Early Maseratis are considerably more rare than Ferraris of comparable vintage, although Ferrari was just starting production at the time when the A6 emerged from the shop of its legendary racing forebears.

The body of the A6 1500 is of timeless beauty. This series of Maserati’s has become recognised as a landmark of both mechanical and coach building history.

Beautifully presented throughout, is a sophisticated collector car and a most welcome entrant in the prestigious and exclusive Mille Miglia.



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