Flaminia Touring Convertible Series I
Grigio Cascine (Grey)
Year of build:
€ 185.000,-
  • Extremely rare first series example (1 of  421 made)
  • Amazingly well restored by top lancia specialists
  • Upgraded / improved with a variety of newly engineered parts
  • Impossible to find a better / nicer example


The Lancia Flaminia, named after the via Flaminia, the road leading from Rome to Rimini, was produced from 1957 to 1960. It was Lancia’s flagship at the time, replacing the Aurelia. Throughout its lifetime, it saw various version as sedans, coupés. The Flaminia coupé and convertible were coach-built cars with bodies from several prestigious Italian coachbuilders such as Pininfarina, Touring and Zagato.

This specific example is a first series Flaminia Touring Convertible of which only 421 were built. Initially, the Touring Convertible was not to become a Lancia but a Maserati. Maserati had the intention to market the Touring bodied convertibles but due to circumstances the plan failed. Lancia Co purchased the “empty bodies” from Touring Co. & mounted the own by Lancia Co developed V6 Light weight engine.



Once in a while we meet collectors and marque specialists that only accept TOP quality…
When we had our first meeting with the owner of this Lancia, we were truly impressed.
Passion for the marque combined with in-depth technical (Lancia) knowledge and a capability to (re)create original parts make the cars in his collection extraordinary.

Without looking at expenses, this Flaminia Touring Convertible was restored and upgraded with a variety of parts which will give the future owner immense fun and reliability, even when the car is not being driven regularly. Certain parts, like the brakes, have been replaced by stainless steel upgrades, resulting in much less or even no maintenance.

Interesting to mention is that only on the first 82 vehicles produced, a variety of Maserati parts are recognizable, like the orange colored direction lights on the left –and right hand frenders. These were only used on the 1st 82 examples built.

This Lancia has been totally restored and every single part has been taken out, inspected and, when needed, taken apart or improved, fully respecting originality.

The entire body, interior, engine, gearbox and clutch were dismantled, inspected, restored when needed and put together again. An important improvement in the transaxle is the mounting of 3 newly designed balance-discs to avoid the vibrations common in these cars.
One of the reasons that led to our statement above that it will be impossible to find another series 1 example in this condition.

The owner decided to restore the Lancia to its original colour specification of Grigio Cascine with a beige interior and period correct piping.

Body number, engine number and gearbox number are matching whilst the gearbox ratio is 13 x 48 pinion versus crown wheel. Likewise, exterior colour, interior trim and carpeting are identical to when the car left the factory in 1961.

A list of all parts checked/used/mounted/re-created and all the work done are shown here.

  • Diaphragm Clutch Housing
  • Diaphragm belonging Clutch disc
  • Diaphragm belonging Clutch release bearing
  • GEARBOX  13 X 48  Ratio
  • all inner bearings
  • all synchromesh rings
  • all gaskets
  • both outer rubber sockets/condoms
  • both inner rubber seal-rings = viton quality.
  • all simmer rings
  • cleaned inside & outside
  • new Gearbox oil inside
  • H4 head lamps & bulbs
  • front & rear bumpers in INOX-T304 stainless steel
  • grill in INOX-T304 stainless steel
  • 4 original wheels: 165 mm x 400 mm powder coated in RAL colour in RAL 1013
  • 4 inner tires
  • 4 hub caps
  • 4 wheel rings
  • city – & direction lights
  • battery
  • rubbers for the entire car
  • door panels
  • soft top
  • door windows (both)
  • door handles
  • door locks
  • door rails
  • air filter
  • H2O pump (increased)
  • H2O thermostat (= improved version)
  • Oil pump
  • Oil Filter
  • Oil Cooler
  • Oil Cooler tubes & improved fittings (= better flow)
  • Radiator
  • Blower onto radiator type: Revotec
  • Relays (all) either new or overhauled
  • Ignition switch
  • Dashboard dials
  • RPM & KM  inner – & outer cables
  • Engine completely overhauled
  • pistons
  • pistons rings
  • pistons centre stift
  • bearings
  • camshaft
  • gaskets
  • timing chain
  • timing wheels
  • timing spring
  • oil pump rotor
  • oil pump inner rubber seal ( 2 in parts book)
  • crankshaft overhauled in relation to all new bearings
  • 6 exhaust valves
  • 6 inlet valves
  • 12 valves seals (suitable for lead-free petrol)
  • all valves springs
  • all valves lower rings underneath the springs
  • all vales shafts
  • INOX-T304 stainless steel exhaust system
  • INOX-T304 stainless steel 6-fingers exhaust manifold
  • A.C. Alternator 480 Watt = 40 AMP/gr @ 1800 RPM
  • Wires (all) acc. to our nowadays 12 Volts EU-standards
  • FRONT-wheel bearings
  • REAR-wheel bearings
  • TRANS-AXLE all parts; rubbers, bearings, rings, pins
  • TRANS-AXLE (3) INOX-T304 stainless steel balance discs
  • Clutch Fichtel & Sachs GmbH
  • Bell-House  bearings (3)
  • Silent-block = ALL = brand-new
  • Shock-Absorbers (4) Bilstein GmbH
  • Upper Ball-Joints in INOX-T304 stainless steel
  • Lower Ball-Joints in INOX-T304 stainless steel
  • Steering Joints
  • Track-Rod-Assembly
  • Steering house (main) & assistant steering house
  • Front Spiral Springs (2)
  • Rear Leaf Springs (2)
  • Brake-Servo
  • Disc-Brake-Callipers (8) INOX-T304 stainless steel
  • Disc-Brake-Pads (8)
  • Hand-Brake inner – & outer cable
  • Hand-Brake pads (4)
  • Brake Master Cylinder: version ATE/Bendix Germany: a HIGH quality steel (Thyssen-Krupp) modified to fit onto a Lancia Flaminia
  • Brake hoses (3) thee flexible version
  • Brake Tubes: Bronze-Copper Alloy according DIN-TUEV standard
  • Claxon & Compressor
  • C.C.T. computerized Ignition
  • Ignition coil
  • Gaskets = ALL
  • Heater-switch
  • Heater-switch inner rubber disc
  • Brake-Oil container
  • Pedal rubbers (3)
  • H2O hoses for this car
  • Hardy GmbH Germany = a 12-Volts electrical Petrol pump
  • Bronze-Copper Petrol-tubes from Petrol-Tank up to Carburettor incl. a return tube to avoid a potential back-fire…..
  • Buoy-Floater INOX-T304 stainless steel; newly manufactured & modified to fit onto this Flaminia
  • Touring convertible
  • Leather; doors, seats, panels
  • Fabric: high quality
  • Foam-sheets onto entire floor to avoid sound
  • sound deadening pads onto both doors & trunk floor
  • trunk lock
  • trunk lights
  • trunk handles
  • trunk opening supports
  • bonnet opening supports
  • H2O electric 12 Volts pump & Dashboard knob
  • H2O pump & all inner bearings & seals
  • Transaxle balance discs (3)
  • Petrol-tank cleaned
  • Rubber shock-stoppers (4)
  • 12 Volts bulbs
  • Tail-Light units (2)
  • Tail-light units lenses (6)
  • Front-Lamps outer rings (4)
  • Left – & Right Fender orange direction lights (Maserati-version)
  • outside drivers-door mirror
  • window wipers
  • cabin mirror
  • steering-wheel (=3 mm thicker)
  • All chrome parts = re-chromed
  • start-motor
  • start-motor relay
  • Carburettor 1-C supplied by B.A.S.E. SrL Milano
  • “Super Leggera” (2) INOX-T304 stainless steel onto bonnet
  • Safety Belts EU approved
  • Seats heating (2)  = a 12 Volts switch underneath seats
  • Exhaust support rubbers
  • Exhaust support springs (thick-ones & thin-ones)
  • Front upper & lower LEFT & RIGHT inner support axles by INOX-T304 stainless steel
  • Front upper & lower LEFT & RIGHT inner support bushings by PU-POM
  • SPARK PLUGS (6) type N.G.K.
  • INGNITION CABLES (7) silicon version
  • HARDY DISCS/Donuts (3) onto Trans-axle drive-shaft
  • RUBBER SOCKETS/covers (2) onto gearbox drive-shafts
  • AIR-Duct to improve cooling = effect is 10 degrees Cel. Lower temp in Radiator


As can be concluded from this list, this car has been very impressively restored and upgraded and is now technically in better than new condition.
Pictures of the restoration and further details of upgrades are available in the impressive file that comes with the car.

Since restoration, the Lancia was driven only 800 KM. Currently the car is registered in the Netherlands. We can assist with re-registration in another country, if required.

The current insurance valuation of the car states a value of € 235.000,-



The exterior condition of the car is superb. The paintwork is of excellent quality and has a beautiful deep shine. The colour Grigio Cascine fits the car very well.

With excellent brightwork and improved inox parts, bumpers, badges and front grille all look absolutely stunning.

We couldn’t find any detail to complain about except for maybe 1 small item… The original front window shows a few minor scratches…..



The interior of the car is as superb as the exterior. The leather seats are in a wonderful condition, the dashboard is superbly sprayed and all meters have been completely overhauled and are in a perfect working order.

We can write a long story about the interior but it’s just superb and couldn’t be better.

An extra nice and very useful addition is a heating system in both seats. Great to have on a chilly evening..!



For some years now, we drive the Mille Miglia in a 1928 Lancia Lambda.
We already knew from the books that Lancia had always been synonymous with state of art technology and we were completely convinced after our 2018 and 2019 Mille Miglia experience.

Our conviction of Lancia’s technical abilities only increased when we first drove this Flaminia Touring Convertible, a car today 58 years old… The engine runs extremely soft and smooth and the handling is just excellent. The car has serious power and is certainly not slower than the later 3 carburettor-version.

We all use our classic cars for small trips but we personally find it important that a classic car can also be used on the motorway. Nobody likes to drive home on secondary roads after a day’s rallying… This Lancia is such a car. It is fast, easy to handle and feels perfectly at home in today’s traffic.

A final additional plus can be found in the glove compartment: a switch for up-to-date front and rear hazard warning lights.



The most perfect Lancia we have ever been able to offer or indeed is on offer today anywhere.



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