Flaminia 2500 3C Sport Zagato
Year of build:
€ 425.000,-


  • Coachwork by Carrozzeria Zagato, one of the oldest and most respected of automotive design firms
  • One of only 174 Flaminia 3C 2.5 litre Sports examples
  • Professionally restored by 1 of the best restoration companies of Italy (Cognolato)
  • With the striking Zagato design, surmounted by the famous double-bubble on its roof
  • An Extremely Stylish and Sophisticated Italian Sports/GT Car


“The car should be unexcelled for high-speed, long-distance touring in comfort… the quality is of a kind only possible in handmade cars, and to get it you have to be willing to pay. For those who are willing, it offers transportation that is, beyond doubt, in the fabled grand manner.” Road & Track tries a new Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato in November 1960

Lancia was established in 1906, in Turin, Italy, by the famous racing driver Vincenzo Lancia.

His company soon became known for elegant design and impressive technical innovations, a prime example of which was the Lambda of 1922, which is now regarded as one of the great pre-war engineering masterpieces.

The Lancia Flaminia, named after the Via Flaminia, the road leading from Rome to Rimini, was Lancia’s flagship at that time, replacing the Aurelia.

Zagato is the most well known and one of the oldest coachbuilders. Zagato is responsible for the most impressive and beautiful cars existing such as the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, the Alfa Romeo 6C Zagato, the Fiat 8V Zagato, the Maserati A6G 2000 and many other cars which have now values of millions of euro’s.

Amongst the beautiful and most recognizable body designer lines, Zagato bodied cars tend to be made entirely of aluminum resulting in lightweight cars.

Aluminum built cars have always been expensive to produce and therefore these cars were already rare and unique when new.

Lancia has been always well known because of their advanced technology which was resulting in a high priced car in comparison to the competition.

Therefore a Lancia with a Zagato body is an extremely unique find.

Presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1958, the Zagato coupe is the most sporting variant and the most exclusive of many versions of the Lancia Flaminia.

The bodywork of Zagato featured a very sleek design, surmounted by the famous double-bubble on its roof.

It became the ultimate expression of the brand.

This striking Zagato-bodied Lancia Flaminia Sport 3C Coupé features the renowned ‘Double Bubble’ Zagato body form in which low overall lines and a rounded streamlined shape are achieved by the simple but ingenious device of head-clearance roof bulges above each front seat.



This example is one of only 174 Flaminia Sports 3C made between 1959 and 1961. A 2.5-litre version equipped with triple carburetors.

The car was first registered in Ferrara, a city in Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy in 1963.

Later in June 1969 was registered in Bologna. Later in Rome.

In its Italian homeland, the Flaminia was professionally restored by the renowned Lancia restorer Carrozzeria Nova Rinascente di Cognolato of Vigonza, near Padova.

We are happy and thankful to have traded cars which are restored by this company as the quality is absolutely outstanding.

By taking a look at the website of the restoration company it is clear that this company belongs to the top of the restoration world. Cars like a Ferrari Monza, a Ferrari 250 TDF, a Ferrari 275 GTB, an Alfa TZ, an Alfa 6C 1750 Zagato and many many more have been restored and some of them have won prices at the biggest concours in the world such as Villa D’este and Pebble Beach.

This Lancia has been restored at the same company resulting in an absolute superb example of the very rare Lancia Zagato.

The body was stripped back to bare metal and completely restored. All chrome and aluminium parts where fitted before the car was sprayed to get the best possible fitting result. That’s how a top restoration company works.

Impressive restoration pictures are available on file.

The Lancia was part of the private collection of 1 of the most exclusive classic car dealers in the world trading only the best of the best and most exclusive cars.

You might understand that a car in the private collection of a classic car dealer has a high level.

Although the restoration was finished some years ago the condition of the Lancia is extreme.

The Lancia is today finished in a beautiful non-metallic deep grey with contrasting beige leather interior.



Having been restored at 1 of the best restoration companies in the world this car is in an excellent condition. The appearance of the car is beautiful and from a distance one can clearly see that this is a very impressive example.

The car is today in a superb condition. The body is super straight with beautiful door and panel gaps.

The paint has a very beautiful deep shine and is surrounded with chrome in an excellent condition. No scratches or damages can be found on the chrome and even the grille which is always a weak point on these cars is in an outstanding condition.

Other parts such as the glasses, rubbers and lenses are all in impressively nice condition.



The interior of the Lancia is in equally impressive condition. The Beige leather seats are in a beautiful condition even as the carpets.

The quality of a car can be easily judged under the dashboard. A part which is not easily visible and only gets proper attention when a car is very thoroughly and without looking at expenses restored.

As expected also under the dashboard the quality of this Lancia can be judged.

All key items in the interior such as the meters, gauges, knobs, emblems window handles, steering wheel etc. are in a beautiful restored condition.



For some years now, we drive the Mille Miglia in a 1928 Lancia Lambda.

We already knew from the books that Lancia had always been synonymous with state of art technology and we were completely convinced after our 2018, 2019 and 2020 Mille Miglia experience.

These very beautiful and capable Lancia’s have recently been discovered in a major way by knowledgeable and sophisticated collectors.

The combination of sure, fast, agile performance, a small quantity artisan build, and timeless beauty have made the Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato one of the most sought-after Lancia’s of all time.

This is a very rare and highly desirable example that combines the finest in Lancia chassis engineering with the peerless styling that Zagato was penning at the twilight of the 1950s and 1960s.

Due to Lancia’s racing histories and innovative and unconventional technical features, the Lancia Zagato is not only looking as a piece of art but is also driving extremely impressive.

This specific example is a car which gives immediately an invitation to be driven.

It’s a relative simple car to drive. Easy to handle but seriously sportive to drive.

It’s a car which is suitable for sportive trips like a rally or longer distance trips like a holiday.




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