3-Litre 'Mark 2' Drophead Coupé
Year of build:
€ 110.000,-


  • Coachwork by Tickford
  • One of an estimated 5 Mark 2 Drophead Coupés produced
  • Extremely rare coachbuilt Lagonda soft-top
  • Straight-six engine designed by W. O. Bentley
  • W. O. Bentley — yes, the Mr Bentley — was employed by Lagonda after Bentley Motors was purchased by Rolls-Royce
  • A very luxuriously appointed car by the standards of the early 1950
  • High-profile owners included HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (two dropheads) and actor Peter Ustinov


There is an air of quiet confidence about British sporting motorcars of the 1950s.

This was perhaps the heyday of the industry, which produced some truly fantastic results such as the Lagonda 3 Litre.

The 3 Litre was Lagonda’s second post-war model and it was certainly a capable motorcar. Its twin-cam straight-six engine propelled the car to 104 mph, which was a respectable achievement in the 1950s.

David Brown’s take-over of Lagonda in 1947 allowed production of the latter’s W O Bentley-designed all-new model to commence the following year, while simultaneously making Lagonda’s 2.6-litre twin-cam ‘six’ available for the new Aston Martins.

The Lagonda was available as a saloon or drophead coupé, both with coachbuilt bodies.

When the new 3-Litre model was announced in 1953, coachbuilders Tickford assumed sole responsibility for body production.

The newly enlarged engine now produced 140bhp, an output good enough for a top speed in excess of 100mph despite the gain in weight over the ‘2.6’. Expensive to produce and necessarily exclusive, the luxurious Lagondas did not sell as well as their manufacturer had hoped.

W. O. Bentley — yes, the Mr Bentley — was employed by Lagonda after Bentley Motors was purchased by Rolls-Royce.

He played a major role in the design of the straight-six engine fitted to the first post war Lagonda, the 2.6 litre. This engine was enlarged to three litres and fitted to the next model released, the 3 litre.

The chassis was also designed by Bentley and the car can reach speeds in excess of 100 mph, which allows it to be driven very happily among modern traffic.



This 1955 Lagonda 3 Litre is one of just 5 examples of Series II ever produced and features a Drophead Coupe coachwork by Tickford.

The first owner who got the car delivered was the Briton Ferry Steel Company.

The car has been most of it’s life in the UK and was then part of a large collection in Holland. The former Dutch owner invested serious amounts of money to bring the car in it’s current beautiful condition.



This particular Lagonda is presented in excellent condition throughout, with lovely paintwork.

Its Blue paint appears to be in a very nice condition throughout.

The body is in beautiful straight shape.

The chrome all looks very nice, with the chrome plating in good condition for its age and showing only gentle pitting.

The lamp lenses appear to be clear and bright and the badges proudly declare that this Lagonda is fitted with Tickford coachwork.

Underneath, the cruciform chassis looks to be in tidy condition. And the car runs on nicely colour-matched steel wheels, with chrome hubcaps and trims.



This Lagonda is a very luxuriously appointed car by the standards of the early 1950s.

The rear-hinged doors lead into a world of warmly patinated leather.

The beautiful Beige leather upholstery is continued onto the door cards, which feature luxuries such as adjustable armrests and storage bins.

The seats appear to be supportive and remain in excellent condition throughout.

Particularly notable in a car of the 1950s is the presence of a radio.

The carpeting throughout is in good condition and the car has a spacious boot to the rear.



With its sleek design and fabulous drophead roof, this Lagonda has everything the sporting motorist of the 1950s could have desired.

It is a very capable motorcar, especially when you consider that it is nearly seventy years old.

With a few drophead coupés examples having been produced, and even fewer surviving to this day, it is a real privilege to be able to offer one of these rare motorcars for sale.



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