Year of build:
€ 87.500,-


  • Beautiful and impressive restored example
  • Denish Welch fully rebuilt the engine & gearbox to fast road/rally specifications
  • During the restoration no money / time has been spared 
  • Very well documented example
  • A wonderful looking and superb driving example


A beautiful shape, a big engine and a futuristic way of building a car in the 1950’s best describes the Jensen 541 in just some words.

The Jensen 541 was quite departure from previous cars carrying the Jensen logo. The exceptionally sleek coupe body work made out of fibreglass which was at that time a somewhat exotic material made the car amongst it’s beautiful looks also a very rare and unique appearance. 

Jensen had, in common with most of the British car industry, been trying to avoid the use of steel body work due to post war restrictions. Most cars were made in that period from aluminium but as an experiment Jensen had started making a car from the revolutionary fibre glass which was even lighter than aluminium. 

To give the car as less as possible weight, the rear screen and rear side windows were made from perspex. 

The combination of the light body with the large four liter straight six cylinder Austin engine made the car not only looking impressive but also gave the driver a spectacular experience. 



In 2010 the Jensen was bought by a gentlemen as a restoration project. The car had a low mileage and only five owners since new but the car was tired and in need of attention. 

An impressive restoration was carried out without looking at money or time. 

The engine and gearbox were removed and send to the renowned Denish Welch to prepare to fast road/rally specification. 

The body of the car was stripped back to bare fiberglass and prepared for repainting in period white as close to the original ivory color as possible. 

All steering, suspension and brake components were replaced or restored

A new stainless steel exhaust system to original pattern was installed

All glass windows and perspex windows have been replaced to original specification

The doors have been rebuilt with new framework, new rubbers and new parts

All chrome parts are new or re-chromed

All trim, carpeting and headlining has been renewed to period correct specification

All wiring has been renewed throughout

The chassis has been fully restored 

A variety of invoices of all the work done is coming with the car



When the Jensen 541 was launched ahh the 1953 Motor Show it had the same effect as the Bugatti Veyron has now.  People were impressed and amazed by the beautiful lines of the car.

Many people thought that they looked at an Aston Martin or a Jaguar but it was a beautiful designed Jensen.

The Jensen presents impressively well with very good cosmetics throughout. 

The body of this car has been fully restored and it is therefore in a beautiful condition. Due to some light use one can find very small imperfections on the body in some corners. 

The windows are all in as new condition even as the lamps and lenses.

The chrome has all been rechromed or renewed and still is in a brand new condition.

During the restoration 4 new chrome wired wheels have been mounted which are today in as new condition as well.

Also from underneath the Jensen looks very nice. Pictures can be found in this advert or can be send on request via e-mail. 

Overall it will be difficult to find easily a nicer looking Jensen 541.



The interior of the Jensen is in a very impressive condition. The interior is during the restoration completely restored. The restoration has been clearly done by an expert.

All materials used are from a very high quality. No money has been spared. 

The seats are covered in a beautiful high quality leather. 

A very good quality carpeting has been used. 

The doorpanels need an extra word. Please take a look a the pictures to see how nice this part has been restored. The combination of the leather, the cloth as well as the chrome handles. 

The dashboard is beautifully restored as well. All buttons and gauges have been restored. The chrome bezels are beautiful shining and without any damages. 

During the restoration the meters must have been taken apart as the glasses are very nice and clear. 

The steering wheel is the original and very rare 3 spoke version which is also in a beautiful shape.



We found a very nice movie on the website of Petrolicious. For an impression of the beautiful sound of the Jensen, take a look at this movie via:

The Jensen is a great car to drive. It helps off-course that the engine and gearbox have been rebuilt at most probably the best company for these parts.

The car is very fast but can be driven on a comfortable way as well.

The overdrive which is working on the 4th gear makes the car very usable for long distance trips.

Due to the impressive restoration this Jensen handles superb. It’s responsive on the pedals and steering wheel and gives a big smile on the face of the driver and the passengers. Certainly when the gas pedal is pushed and the engine gives it’s impressive sound. 



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