XK 150 Drophead Coupé
Maroon Red
Year of build:
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  • The ultimate drivers Jaguar XK
  • Benefit from an impressive restoration in Holland
  • Beautiful color combination
  • Restored to be used on a daily base with a variety of upgrades
  • Complete with restoration pictures and details

The Jaguar XK 150 has been introduced in 1957 and was a replacement of the Jaguar XK 140. As you will definitely know is the XK 140 the replacer of the XK 120 which was an unbelievable new car at that time which had a top speed of 120 MPH and with that speed became the fastest production car in the world.

Even as the XK 120 and the 140, the XK 150 was available as Fixed Head, Open Two Seater and a Drophead Coupe like this example.

At the end of the the 1950s Jaguar faced tremendous competition from BMW and Mercedes-Benz because of new introduced cars by these brands like the BMW 507 roadster with a big V-8 cylinder engine. But Mercedes came with its 300SL which had a 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine.
How could Jaguar respond to this challenge. Jaguar did it with a true classic of its own, the Jaguar XK 150.

The Jaguar XK 150 was although a lot of people in comparison to its predecessors very different. Although different classic magazines it was a revolutionary step-up from the XK 120 and the XK 140.



We are personally completely in love with this specific Jaguar XK 150. This is a car which has been restored by it’s former owner to be used.
It had to become his dreamcar in which he could make as comfortable as possible big holiday trips.
The restoration of this Jaguar started in 2000. A Jaguar XK was bought by a Dutch gentlemen who had a dream. Owning a Jaguar XK 150 and restore it to a very high standard to use it for long distance trips.
He started small but at the end every single part has been taken apart and the body for example was extremely hard without any rust but have been taken back to bare metal.

Pictures are available of the restoration and one can see that the costs have been much higher then the current value of the car.

The body had no rust at all which was very special off-course so one could quickly start to take the body off from the chassis.
The owner decided to spray the Jaguar in an original Jaguar Maroon Red color which suits the Jaguar extremely well.

Amongst the looks the Jaguar had to be upgraded to be able to use the car very regularly.

Amongst other upgrades the main upgrades are:

– Front and rear fitted with stronger brake system

– 2 way brake system

– 5 speed gearbox

– new / improved suspension

– new 5 speed Tremec gearbox

– completely rebuilt engine

– aluminium petrol tank

– aluminium radiator

– electronic ignition

– high torque starter engine

– EZ power steering

– more comfortable seats

– beautiful wooden dashboard

We drove the Jaguar some years ago when we bought the car from the restorer. Sadly he had to sell the car as he wanted to help his daughter because of a divorce.
We sold the Jaguar to a family with a nice collection of cars in Belgium. Due to the amount of cars they did not use the Jaguar as often as needed and decided to trade her in for another car.

We are very happy that the car is back as it is one of the best and most comfortable driving XK 150’s we have had for sale.



The interior of the Jaguar is probably the most impressive part of the car. It is made with the highest quality materials.
If you enter the car it is an oase of very soft (handbag quality) leather.
The wooden dashboard is very nice. It has a beautiful gloss.

The seats are extremely comfortable and the carpets etc. are all in as new condition.

Due to the armrest in the middle of the Jaguar, the seat position is as if you are driving in a Range Rover. A very nice feeling.

The soft top is beautiful as well and is covered with a mohair high quality material.

All meters, gauges etc. are rebuilt during the restoration and are in a perfect working order.

The Jaguar is fitted with an EZ power steering which makes the car even more comfortable and easy to drive.



The entire car has been impressively and body-off restored and the result is impressive.
The car is exterior wise in a wonderful condition. The paint is from a very high quality and all chrome parts are highly shining without any signs of wearing.
It will be hard to find a nicer looking XK.



Driving with an XK 150 is always very pleasant. The car is very fast and due to the fact that this specific example has been fitted with a 5 speed gearbox, the Jaguar is very usable on the highway for longer road trips or even holiday trips.

The engine of a Jaguar XK series is excellent made and offers a lot of power at lower and high speed.

The handling of the Jaguar is also excellent with a very responsive steering. Due to the four disc brakes the Jaguar is easy to stop.
Actually it is not strange why so many Jaguar XK’s have been sold. In comparison with other cars like a Mercedes or even an Aston Martin, these cars are driving impressively well and can even be used on a daily base.




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