XK 150 3.4 S OTS
Year of build:
€ 169.500-


  • A rare factory built ’S’
  • A highly collectable Jaguar XK variant
  • Only 846 left hand drive ’S’ were built
  • Very tasteful colour combination
  • The ultimate and final XK open two seater, the most powerful and developed XK variant

With its sensuous, wind-cheating body, dual overhead cam engine, and 4 speed manual gearbox and overdrive, the Jaguar XK150 became the final evolution of the much-lauded XK 120 and 140 models. 

The XK150 incorporated a more blended front fender, smoother body surfacing, and the windscreen moved back to allow for a larger hood.

The highly desirable “S” roadster featured a smooth, one-piece windscreen void of any side vent glass and accented by beautiful chrome trimmed side glass. 

This sweeping trim line blended into the windscreen, creating a tidy upper body that could be quickly converted into a roadster simply by rolling down the windows and stowing the top. 

A small interior cover elegantly capped the rear deck. The exterior was further devoid of side mirrors, fog lamps, an antenna, or hood mascot – adorned only by two delicate chrome “S” emblems along the upper leading edge of each door. 

Only 846 XK150S left hand drive examples were built. 

The 150S offered a significant performance advantage over the base model with its three 2 inch SU carburetors, straight-port head, upgraded camshafts, overdrive, and a lightened flywheel. 

Late-production XKs were further equipped with Le Mans-proven Dunlop disc brakes. The resultant advances produced the fastest, safest, and most comfortable sporting GT cars available at the time. 



This Jaguar XK 150 OTS 3.4 with chassis number S 830449 DN started its life as a Cotswold Blue with red interior example. 

Its Jaguar Heritage Certificate shows that Jaguar Cars in New York City was its first distributor en delivered the car on May 30th 1958 to its first owner, Sir Robert Kelce in Belleville, Illinois, USA. 

The car was newly ordered with the desirable option of a manual gearbox WITH overdrive.

This XK 150 S benefits a very recent body and interior restoration which was done in the Netherlands. 



As far as the condition is concerned, the paint of the car is in a nice order. No major and minor damages can be found on the paint and the front of the car is free from stonechips. 

The body of the Jaguar is very nice with proper door, boot and bonnet fittings. 

All the chrome parts of the car looks very nice and show no signs of rust or damages. Most of the chrome parts have been replaced or re-chromed during the restored. 

The chrome wired wheels are brand new and don’t show any damages, signs of use or rust.



The interior of the Jaguar is very nice. It’s easy to see that the interior has been restored very recently and the tan colored leather suits the exterior blue color very well. 

No scratches or signs of use can be found on the leather seats.

Inside the cabin everything is clean, neat and tidy. The interior is in excellent condition allround, as is the dash, steering wheel, instruments and controls. 

All switches and instruments are in a perfect working condition and have been all checked on functionality.



Driving a Jaguar XK is impressive due to the high torque and power.

A XK 120 is a great car to drive and the 140 drives slightly better. An XK 150 was a complete different car in comparison to its predecessors due to the brake improvements (4 disc brakes). 

It is clear that the 150 is the best driving XK of it’s range and probably the best driving car of 1959 / 1960. Definitely in it’s price range. 

But if a standard and already superb driving standard 150 is not good enough there is the S version which we currently offer.

The S has significant more power which result in an even more impressive driving car. 


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