XK 150 3.8 OTS
Dark Blue
Year of build:
€ 167.500,-


– 1 of only 36 examples built

– Beautifully and without looking at expenses restored to very high standards in Holland 

– Recently upgraded to 5 speed gearbox (original gearbox available)

– In just finished from restoration condition

– The ultimate drivers Jaguar XK.

This Jaguar XK 150 3.8 is 1 of the 36 cars ever made in this specification although Jaguar Heritage archivist Anders Detlev Clausager who is also the writer of the book Jaguar XK 140 and 150 in detail. 

Amongst its rarity is the condition of this car unique. The car has been restored and has driven since the restoration less then 3.000 kilometer.

The XK150 was the final incarnation of the XK and it first appeared in May 1957. A more refined and capable machine than its predecessors, the ‘150’ was easily identifiable by its higher scuttle and door line, wider grille and improved interior space. However, the XK150 retained much of the mechanical layout of the XK140, including the same 3.4 litre DOHC Jaguar straight-six, which developed 180bhp at 5,750rpm. As before with the XK range, standard (with steel wheels) and special equipment models were available, but a bewildering range of models was to evolve. Firstly, in 1958, the ‘S’ model was announced, equipped to ‘special equipment’ specification and with a more powerful engine, though still of 3.4 litre capacity. Late in 1959 further options became available with the introduction of the 3.8 litre engine.

Only 36 OTS examples were newly delivered with a 3.8 engine and this car is 1 of them!



Since the restoration, the Jaguar has always been stored in a climate controlled storage facility and amongst it’s sparingly use the car has been yearly serviced.

This careful use and perfect servicing has resulted in the fact that this car still is in a fresh restored condition.

If we were told that the restoration was finished 1 week ago we should believe this information. 

The restoration of the Jaguar has been carried out in the Netherlands and has been fully documented with many pictures. 

Without looking at expenses, every part has been restored. 

The result is absolutely amazing.

Amongst the quality of the car, the color combination is excellent as well.  The body of the car is very dark blue which is finished with light beige inside. 

Looking under the carpets in the boot or at the pedal box, it is easy to see that this is a top quality restoration. 



As described above, the Jaguar presents in an excellent exterior condition. The paint has a beautiful high gloss and doesn’t show signs of use.

The body is beautifully straight without scratches or dents. 

The chrome is all restored and in as new condition without any picking (small points) or scratches.

The panel fit of the doors, boot and bonnet is excellent.

The closing of the door give the correct massive Jaguar sound.

The windows and lamp glasses have been all renewed and don’t show any signs of use either.



As described above fits the light beige interior color the beautiful dark blue exterior color very well. 

The interior has been fully restored as well. The seats and doorpanels have all been re-trimmed on the period correct way.

Due to the low kilometres since the restoration the interior is in as new condition.

All meters, gauges and buttons are in perfectly working order.



The driving capabilities are superb. The car is fitted with a more modern 5 speed gearbox which makes the car suitable to drive on the motorway for longer trips as the revs will be reduced dramatically.

The original gearbox will be delivered with the car. 

An XK is in it’s standard specification with 3.4 engine and 4 speed gearbox a great car to drive. But this specific example with the upgraded 3.8 engine and upgraded gearbox is a dream to drive.

The car can be used for long distance trips but is even big fun on small roads or even the circuit.

The powerful engine combined with 4 disc brakes make the car a joy to drive.

The XK 150 3.8 is a seriously fast car, a car which can be used for all sorts of goals, a holiday trip, a long distance rally but even on a circuit.

The handling of an XK is fabulous. The response of the steering, the gas pedal and the brakes is impressive for a 1960’s car.

Altogether, the Jaguar XK is not only a beautiful car to see, it is also a fantastic driver and certainly in this unique specification.



 A short summary of what has been done during the restoration will be shown down here:

– engine rebuild, the engine has new balanced pistons and bearings. The camshaft has been balanced and hardened and the cylinder head has been made ready for unleaded petrol

– installation of 5 speed gearbox

– carburetor rebuild

– steering box has been rebuild with new bearings

  • complete rebuild of overdrive unit
  • new heating system
  • all instruments have been rebuild. 
  • rebuild radiator 
  • new wiring cable including 2 12 volt batteries
  • all chrome parts inside and outside have been redone
  • new wheels
  • the interior has been redone and is fitted with Connolly leather and Wilton carpets. This is the best possible material for the interior.
  • new mohair softtop
  • etc. etc.

The Jaguar comes with a book with restoration pictures which give an visual overview of above described restoration work.

In short; an extremely rare (1 of 36) and extremely nice restored example of a Jaguar XK 150 OTS in a beautiful color combination.


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