XK 150 3.4 OTS S
Year of build:
€ 225.000,-


  • If only the best is good enough
  • Desirable and very rare ’S’ version. The S version is the more powerful and desirable version of the Jaguar XK 150
  • Benefitting from a very thorough restoration
  • The ultimate and final Jaguar XK open two seater, the most powerful and developed XK
  • Superb AND original color combination
  • Fitted with desirable overdrive since new


‘The 3.4-litre Jaguar Engine is one of the marvels of the age. In racing tune, it achieves tremendous speeds, and in normal form it powers a range of cars from six-seater luxury models to the sports XK types. Now, a “hotter” version of this basic engine has been made available, and it is used in the ultra-high speed XK 150S two-seaters.’ – John Bolster, Autosport.

The XK150 was a progression of the XK120 and XK140, keeping the same chassis, 3.4-liter engine, and four-speed Moss transmission, but with a new wider body that offered more space and better visibility with a single-piece wrap-around windscreen.

Initially, the XK150 was available only as a fixed or Drophead ‘2+2’ coupé, with the open two-seater version not arriving until the following year.

The chassis and engine remained much the same, with the same 190bhp or 210bhp in ‘Special Edition’ form with the ‘B’-type cylinder head.

The car was available with overdrive or automatic transmission as optional, and the XK150 was praised as one of the world’s fastest and safest cars with a refined and docile drive.

The sportier ‘S’ option was available for those seeking greater performance, and the ‘S’ boasted triple SU carburetors, free flow inlet manifold, 9:1 pistons, lead bronze bearings, and a lightened flywheel, enabling it to produce 250bhp. Although the later 3.8 version claimed an extra 15bhp, experts agree that the 3.4 ‘S’ is the sweetest of all XK engines.



This specific example is a very impressive example and very important, it is a very rare original left-hand drive, factory built 3.4 S.

This car is Matching numbers example according to the Jaguar Heritage Certificate. The car still has the original color scheme as it had when it left the factory.

According to the Jaguar Heritage Archive, this specific example has been delivered in Pearl Grey with a red interior and a black soft top.

The car benefit from a very serious and extremely high quality restoration. It was fully restored and no expense were spend during the restoration but certainly also not after which means that the car has been very well maintained.

This has result in a Jaguar XK 150 which is one of the best driving examples we have ever had.

The car is since new fitted with an overdrive. This is not a standard / normal overdrive but the extremely desirable manually selected overdrive which changes faster and had a greater reliability then the electrical operated system.
This type of overdrive was initially only designed for the XK 150 S version but it only appeared on the very first XK 150 3.4 S versions.

This type of overdrive was introduced by Jaguar for possible competition use and was therefore only available on the Xk 150 3.4S versions.

Looking at its chassis number, one can easily identify an original built ‘’S’’ version.

The T prefix indicates an original S.

The numbers 83 show that it is a left-hand Drive OTS model.
DN suffix indicated the fitment of an overdrive.



Restoring a car is like restoring a house. It can be done on a functional / practical way or it can be done on a high quality way.
The end result is function wise the same. The water will run and the heating will burn but the way it gives comfort can be completely different.
The amount of investment during a restoration results in the quality and that makes the huge difference with this specific Jaguar XK 150 3.4S. This car is so extremely impressive restored.

A CD-Rom with pictures show the level of restoration which starts with the body which has been completely taken from the chassis.

The body has been taken completely to bare metal and afterwards it has been built up with the correct layers resulting in a superb looking body.

The body lines are excellent even as the gaps between the doors and the bonnet and the boot.

When the body was done, the chrome parts had to be installed. The chrome can be best described as excellent.

Also the glass for the windows and the lamps are in as new / perfect condition.

The chrome wired wheels are in as new condition and fitted with the nicest and most expensive tires (Michelin Pilote X). A small detail but these tires look so nice under the XK.

This Jaguar has undergone a meticulous restoration with great attention to detail, resulting in its absolute pristine condition.



Stepping into the cabin of this Jaguar is like stepping back in time to the height of British luxury.

The red leather seats not only provide a comfortable and supportive ride, but also perfectly complement the car’s exterior color, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

The dashboard has a small upgrade as it is fitted with a wooden part in the middle. The wood is beautiful and combines very well with the steering wheel.

The steering wheel, instruments, and controls are all in excellent working order, giving the driver a sense of confidence and control behind the wheel.

An expensive and beautiful installed extra is the Becker GPS radio. The antenne is built in on top of the dashboard with a leather surrounding. Absolute excellent done!

And while the interior of this Jaguar may harken back to a bygone era, it is by no means outdated. All of the switches and instruments have been checked for functionality and are in perfect working order.



Driving an XK 150 is already a pleasant experience, but driving a genuine factory S version adds an extra dimension to the driving experience.

The 250 horsepower engine, as opposed to the standard 210 horsepower, makes this Jaguar even more impressive to drive. It is a very fast car, and with the addition of an overdrive, this particular example is very usable for longer trips on the highway, making it a great car for road trips or even holidays.

In addition to its speed, the handling of the Jaguar is excellent. The steering is very responsive, making it a joy to drive on winding roads. The four disc brakes also make it easy to bring the car to a stop when needed.

It’s no wonder that the Jaguar XK has been such a popular car. In comparison to other cars like Mercedes or Aston Martin, the XK is a driving experience that’s hard to beat. It not only drives impressively well but can also be used on a daily basis.

The XK150 S Roadster is particularly desirable and sought after due to its clean sweeping lines and swift performance. It still provides an exciting driving experience on any country road and has good touring ability as well. Overall, the XK150 S Roadster is an impressive car that delivers on both performance and style.



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