XK 140 Drophead Coupé SE
Pastel Blue
Dark Blue
Year of build:
€ 128.500,-


  • The ultimate XK 140, a fully restored Drophead Coupe with disc brakes upgrade
  • Fitted with the desirable and more powerful C-Type cylinder head
  • Many enthusiasts consider the XK 140 the pinnacle of the XK series of Jaguars, offering a combination of XK 120 style with the comfort and usability of the later XK 150 
  • Desirable original Left Hand Drive example
  • Truly one of the most iconic sports cars of the 50’s
  • Subject to a major and recent engine rebuild
  • Finished in a beautiful classy but most important, original colour combination 

In the golden era of the 1950s, when the open road beckoned with the promise of adventure and freedom, one automobile emerged as the embodiment of style, performance, and British elegance—the 1956 Jaguar XK 140 Drophead Coupe. 

It was a car that transcended mere transportation; it was a symphony of curves and power, a thoroughbred stallion eager to gallop.

After the successful six-year reign of the XK 120, Jaguar embarked on a refinement journey, resulting in the introduction of the XK 140—a model that raised the bar even higher.

The most noticeable change was the strategic relocation of the engine, shifting it three inches forward, a modification that significantly augmented the legroom, enhancing the overall comfort and driving experience.

The XK 140 came in three captivating variants: the Fixedhead Coupé, the Drophead Coupé, and the Roadster, known as OTS (Open Two Seaters) in the United States. 

At the time, the XK 140 offered two noteworthy options. First, an upgraded engine, the potent Jaguar C-type engine, delivering a robust 210 bhp, a step up from the standard 190 bhp. This enhanced powerplant was bundled in the alluring Special Equipment version, affectionately known as the “SE.” 

This sought-after package came with captivating features, including wire wheels, Lucas fog lamps, and the coveted C-type engine, packing an impressive 210 horsepower punch.

With the Special Equipment version, one could also opt for an overdrive, adding another layer of allure to the XK 140. 

This specific example ticks all the right boxes—it was freshly ordered with both these desirable options, making it a very desirable XK 140.

The XK 140 left an indelible mark in the world of automotive tests, capturing the hearts of critics and enthusiasts alike. 

During its initial road and track evaluations, the XK showcased its prowess, sprinting from 0 to 60mph in an impressive 8.4 seconds, ultimately reaching a top speed of 121.1mph—a testament to the fusion of power, performance, and elegance embodied by this iconic Jaguar.

We’ve had the pleasure of owning and driving numerous XK 140’s, participating in various rallies with these magnificent vehicles. 

As a result of our extensive experience, we confidently assert that the XK 140 stands as one of the most delightful classic cars to both drive and own within its price range. 

The auditory experience provided by the XK is simply superb, its power is truly awe-inspiring, and its handling is exceptional.

When it comes to aesthetics, opinions may vary, but we hold a deep personal affection for the exquisite contours of the Jaguar. 

The harmonious blend of its form with the gleam of chrome in its surroundings contributes to the XK 140’s striking and captivating appearance.



According to the files available with this car, the Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate shows that this Jaguar was manufactured at the 19th. of July  1955. The car was newly sold to a customer in the United States and delivered in the same color specification as it has been restored in. 

When new and as shown today, the Jaguar is Pastel Blue with a Dark Blue interior with light blue piping. 

This XK 140 stayed in the United States till 1997 when a Dutch customer bought the car and shipped it to Holland.  It was for sale at a trader in San Francisco since 1995 and it could benewas in need of a full restoration.

It was believed that the Jaguar had only 1 owner in the United States when it was acquired by the Dutch gentlemen.

A very old picture of the owner in the Jaguar is included in the history file of the car.  This gentlemen was a professor at the university of Berkely in San Francisco. 

When new, the Jaguar has been ordered with the optional SE specification which gave the buyer and upgraded engine which had an increased power from 190 to 210 horsepower as well as wired wheels and 2 fog lamps.


We know the owner of the Jaguar since a very long time. In 2013 we were able to buy from the same owner 1 of the most beautiful Healeys we have traded. A Healey 3000 MK1. The Healey was extremely impressive restored and during the purchase of the Healey I remember the Jaguar XK standing in the corner waiting to be restored.

I also remembered that I asked the gentlemen to phone me when the Jaguar was finished but he told me that the car shouldn’t come for sale.

It took 11 years before I received the phone call that the XK may change owner. 

An extremely impressive restoration took place of the years which had cost an enormous amount of time but also money.

But, the result is comparable to the Healey 3000. 

Every single nut and bolt has been taken from the car and all parts have been restored.



The exterior of the Jaguar is impressively nice. The car has been extensively body-off restored and pictures are available. 

The body of the Jaguar was in a superb condition when the restoration started and no welding was needed which is absolutely unique. 

All original part have been re-used after restoration and the result of the car is absolutely stunning. 

The restoration pictures show that the Jaguar was fully dismantled and that the body was taken apart from the chassis.

Every single detail / part of the Jaguar has been overhauled / restored. The exterior is therefore in such a beautiful condition.

The car has not been over restored which we personally like. The former owner decided for example not to re-chrome the grille and the window surroundings just to keep the emotion in the car.

If one would still prefer to have it re-chromed it’s always possible but we personally like the classic touch. 

The body of the Jaguar is due to the fact that no welding was needed in a very nice condition. The gaps are excellent and the chrome used on the car is partly rechromed like the bumpers and partly original but very nice.

The windows are all in as new condition even as the lamps and glasses. 

The Jaguar sits on brand new chrome wired wheels. 

A unique feature is the fact that the restorer decided to keep the car in it’s original color which is nowadays very rare. Most of the XK’s have not been restored keeping in mind originality and they are often dark green or dark blue but this car still shows it’s original color scheme.



As well as the exterior, the interior presents in a wonderful condition. 

The leather looks beautiful and is like the rest of the interior in show condition. 

The wooden dashboard as well as door panels are in show condition and all the gauges and meters are in correct working condition. 

Everything is period correct in the interior and in a great condition. 



When the bonnet is opened it is immediately clear that the Jaguar is fitted with the desirable C-type engine which produces 210 instead of 190 horsepower. 

The engine bay looks equally nice as the rest of the car. Period correct and in as new condition. 



The way the car feels when it’s been driven matches how nice it looks. The Jaguar moves smoothly on the road, the brakes work extremely well due to the disc brake upgrade on the front.

One can really feel the difference between a standard XK-engine and the upgraded C-Type cylinder head engine. The car has 20 horsepower more. 

The engine has been recently completely overhauled by Jaguar engine specialist van Giersbergen.

The Jaguar XK 140 offers a large space for luggage, which makes you want to go on trips. It’s good for long journeys, and it feels comfortable and dependable.

As described above the Jaguar XK is one of our favorite driving cars. The sound of the engine, the power of the engine but also the handling is superb.



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