XJ 220
Spa Silver
Smoke Grey
Year of build:
€ 625.000,-


  • Long term enthusiast ownership, with just under 1,900 recorded Kilometers from new
  • One of only 282 XJ220s built between 1992 and 1994
  • One of the most exciting and interesting Jaguars ever built
  • Low-mileage examples in well-kept condition are difficult to find
  • Attractively finished in original colors of Spa Silver with Stone Grey leather interior
  • Extensively serviced by marque specialists Don Law Racing in February 2016 at a cost of over £36,000
  • Numbers matching original engine, confirmed via Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate


… enthusiasts now view the (XJ220) for what it is – one of the world’s all-time great supercars, that’s still capable of showing a disappearing tailpipe or two to far more modern machinery; with a verified top speed of 212.3mph it was the fastest production car in the world from 1992 to 1993, and it could hit 60mph from rest in a disdainful 3.6 seconds.” – Motoring Classics, spring 2020.

A dream has come true.

I still remember the day that my parents gave me a 1:18 size scale model when I was approximately 7 years old. We were in central London and it was my favorite out of hundreds of scale models.

The XJ 220 was a toy which I took everywhere but nobody else was allowed to play with it except myself.

After 3 years I saw the XJ 220 in real. A customer of a Land Rover dealer where I was washing cars came by with his Jaguar XJ 220.

In Holland it was even more unique to see such a supercar as we have an extra road tax and therefore a Jaguar XJ 220 was costing over 1.000.000,- Guilders which is nowadays the same in Euro’s.

Nowadays we are lucky that we can play with real toys and the scale model has been changed for a real XJ 220.

A total of just 282 including prototypes (275 road cars) of the Jaguar XJ 220 have been produced and after some years all of these cars have finally been sold.

When the Jaguar XJ220 was initially mooted to the world, it was destined to be the fastest, most gorgeous, and expensive Jaguar ever built. Named for its targeted top speed, the car was shown to the world as a concept car at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1988.



According to the production record trace certificate from the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, this specific example was completed in September 1993, finished in Spa Silver over a Smoke Grey interior.

After leaving the factory, the car was sold to the first owner in 1997 where she became part of his private collection.

Serviced by Jaguar up until 2002, all the mileage on the car was undertaken by Jaguar Service Department, while being maintained.

After purchase, the XJ 220 was mainly placed into storage for Eighteen years before being discovered by a UK-based specialist firm dedicated to procuring sought-after motorcars. 

From this concern, it passed to its latest owners from Paris, who has retained the car for the last 8 years. 

In February 2016, when the odometer was showing approximately 1.050 Kilometers, the XJ220 made its first trip to the famed Don Law Jaguar workshop in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. 

Whilst in their company, the car received an extensive service detailed in invoices totaling roughly £36,031.

Don Law Racing is well known as the go-to specialists on this specific car. 

No stone was left unturned in making sure the car was brought back to as-new condition mechanically. 

After being removed from the car, the engine was fully checked, the inlet and exhaust valves were replaced, new pistons and rings were fitted, the head gaskets along with all other perishable components such as gaskets and seals were replaced, and the catalytic converters were rebuilt. 

New timing and alternator belts were fitted, and all fluids and filters were replaced. 

The transmission was also removed from the car and fitted with a new clutch.

Importantly, the fuel tank was replaced, and along with that, new fuel hoses and pumps were installed.

After the work was completed, the car was road-tested, and the XJ220 was confirmed to be in excellent running order.

Today, the Jaguar just drove approximately 1.900 Kilometers.

Important to know is that all buttons and gauges are properly working including the radio, lamp units and airconditioning.

This specific XJ220 is as described above documented by a Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust production record trace certificate, and service receipts.



The Jaguar is almost in as new condition. The condition is extremely nice without scratches or dents or other attention points. 

The color is just fabulous and our personal favorite.

The engine bay is probably the most impressive part of the car and it is possible to see the engine thru the rear window. While some engine parts from XJ 220’s look a bit rusty, this engine shows extremely nice and fresh.



The condition of the interior is very nice. Many 220’s show damaged seats because everybody like to take a seat in a 220 resulting in damages on the seat.

This car has certainly not been a show car and has been clearly in private collections which can be easily seen on the interior

The cabin proved to be roomy enough with plenty of shoulder space, a deep footwell to fit the full height of those who might ordinarily struggle to squeeze into cars like these, and a glass roof bringing in lots of light.



Having owned approximately 6 examples of Jaguar XJ 220 we can tell that the driving experience of this car is totally addictive. 

Turn the ignition key, hit the starter button and behind your head the Group C derived V6 bursts aggressively into life. 

Harsh metallic whips of sound lash wildly from the engine bay – it’s a noise straight from the Le Mans pit lane. 

Once up to speed it becomes addictive to lift off the accelerator and listen to the seductive noise of turbo waste gate chatter.

Driving this Jaguar is an absolute amazing experience. 

Even 30 years later, Jaguar’s supercar can still cross the 200-mph barrier.

The sound, the power and the feeling you get when you drive the car is actually indescribable.

The Jaguar drives as it looks, so very very special.

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting and interesting Jaguars ever built throughout the company’s illustrious history, the XJ220 is truly a landmark automobile in British automotive history. 



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