XJ 220
Silverstone Green
Sand Leather
Year of build:
€ 650.000,-
  • One of only 285 examples made
  • Rare color combination (1 of only 41 examples built in Silverstone Green)
  • Supercar of the nineties
  • With the original Owner’s Handbook, Service Record and Warranty card
  • Extensive service history
  • Only 4.800 kilometers since new
  • Superb color combination of Silverstone Green Metallic paintwork with Sand leather interior trim
  • Recent service (2021) by XJ220 specialist Don Law Racing
  • One of the most exciting and interesting Jaguars ever built


A dream has come true.
I still remember the day that my parents gave me a 1:18 size scale model when I was approximately 7 years old. We were in central London and it was my favorite out of hundreds of scale models.

The XJ 220 was a toy which I took everywhere but nobody else was allowed to play with it except myself.
After 3 years I saw the XJ 220 in real. A customer of a Land Rover dealer where I was washing cars came by with his Jaguar XJ 220.

In Holland it was even more unique to see such a supercar as we have an extra road tax and therefore a Jaguar XJ 220 was costing over 1.000.000,- Guilders which is nowadays the same in Euro’s.

After quite a big research we have been able to buy after many years a Jaguar XJ 220 in Silver. This car we sold as we cannot keep all cars ourselves unfortunately but luckily we later found a few more examples and we recently found this Green example.

A total of just 285 including prototypes (275 road cars) of the Jaguar XJ 220 have been produced and after some years all of these cars have finally been sold.

When the Jaguar XJ220 was initially mooted to the world, it was destined to be the fastest, most gorgeous, and expensive Jaguar ever built. Named for its targeted top speed, the car was shown to the world as a concept car at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1988.

So before the car was for sale, two extremes had occurred, Jaguar had sued some customers to buy the XJ 220 as they wanted to cancel their contract while at the introduction customers were giving blank checks to buy the Jaguar even if it became extremely expensive.



It took quite some time and we looked at different XJ 220’s before we decided to buy this Jaguar XJ 220. Most of the cars are full of damages and used quite a lot which occurred in a high mileage.

Since it was delivered the Jaguar just drove approximately 4.800 Kilometers since new.

It is a stunning example, finished in Silverstone Green Metallic paintwork with Sand leather interior trim.

Manufactured on the 1st of February 1994 this left hand drive example was originally supplied to its first owner Mr R Buchler by Jaguar Switzerland , he owned the car up until 2001 it was then purchased by Mr A Frawley who bought the car back to the UK where it was UK registered with the DVLA the 10th. of May 2001.

The car was then sold in 2008, 2011 and 2014 before the car was purchased in 2016 by a UK based collector which is where the car has been until now.

This fantastic example has been regularly maintained by Jaguar Cars Coventry.

Most recently, in 2021 the XJ220 was shipped across the pond to the U.K. and renowned XJ220 specialists at Don Law Racing, well known as the go-to specialists on the model.
No stone was left unturned in making sure the car was brought back to as-new condition mechanically.

After the work was completed, the car was road-tested, and the XJ220 was confirmed to be in excellent running order.

Extensive service history :

  • 1st Service   920Kms   Jaguar Cars Coventry
  • 2nd Service 2510kms  Jaguar Cars Coventry
  • 3rd Service 3004kms   Jaguar Cars Coventry
  • 4th Service 3519kms   Jaguar Cars Coventry
  • 5th Service 3903Kms   Don Law Racing Ltd
  • 6th Service 4394kms   Cheshire Classic Cars Ltd
  • 7th Service 4646kms   Don Law Racing Ltd.
  • 8th Service 4664Kms   Don Law Racing Ltd 10th May 2021

The 7th service carried out at 4664 kms was a full 24 month service which included changing both timing belts, replacing the fuel tank cell and a  full transmission and air conditioning service.

The extremely rare original Owner’s Handbook, Service Record and Warranty, the production certificate, the toolkit and even the sales brochure are still present together with the car.

Important to know is that all buttons and gauges are properly working including the radio, lamp units and airconditioning.



The Jaguar is almost in as new condition. The condition is extremely nice without scratches or dents or other attention points.

The color is just fabulous and our personal favorite. The car looks rather big in Green which makes her even more impressive to look at.

The engine bay is probably the most impressive part of the car and it is possible to see the engine thru the rear window.

Off-course the engine bay has to be very clean but this part is very nice which is normal after such a low amount of Kilometers.



Supercar cabins are much of a muchness, but Jaguar’s XJ220 is memorable for its near-perfect ergonomics, not least because you don’t need to contort to a neck-cricking angle to see out.

The condition of the interior is very nice. One could see on the drivers seat that the car has been used very scarcely.
The rest of the Jaguar is extremely nice, even the boot and both doorpanels.



Driving this Jaguar is an absolute amazing experience. Even 30 years later, Jaguar’s supercar can still cross the 200-mph barrier.
The sound, the power and the feeling you get when you drive the car is actually indescribable.
The Jaguar drives as it looks, so very very special.

The cabin proved to be more than roomy enough with plenty of shoulder space, a deep footwell to fit the full height of those who might ordinarily struggle to squeeze into cars like these, and a glass roof bringing in lots of light.

Low-mileage examples in well-kept condition can be difficult to find, and thanks to its most recent service, this example is now ready for whatever its next owner has in store. It would surely be welcome at concours or Jaguar club events, thanks to its supremely original condition and low mileage.



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