195 Inter Coupé Carrozzeria Ghia
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  • The Ferrari has been certified and comes with the impressive Ferrari Classiche book
  • One of 11 Ferrari 195 Inter Coupés bodied by Ghia
  • Carrozzeria Ghia is one of the most famous Italian automobile design and coachbuilding companies
  • Exhibited at the 1951 Turin Auto Show
  • Subject to a bare metal respray in 2018 by Auto Classica Rubbio
  • Recent work carried out on the body and technique of the car at one of the best companies in Holland resulting in invoices with amounts exceeding € 140.000,-
  • Currently finished in black, believed to be the original colour
  • A stylish early Ferrari with known history to this present day
  • Complete with a comprehensive history file documented with factory build sheets, service invoices, restoration pictures, magazine articles and history by marque expert Marcel Massini
  • Participant in three recent Mille Miglia editions

Enzo Ferrari had a keen interest in his new Inter. Said his son Piero in a 2001 interview, “You must remember that my father was then 50 years old. Whilst his name would become famous with our sports cars, he had a very strong affinity to the 2+2 because of their comfort and room”. The Ferrari 195 Inter was very much the same as the Ferrari 166 Inter with an enlarged engine and wheel base.

The first 195 Inter appeared at the 1950 Paris Motor Show.
Ghia showed a white car with clean lines and a huge front radiator, while Touring displayed a Berlinetta similar to the 166’s style, but with a noticeably longer wheelbase and body.
The model was named in honour of Scuderia Inter, the racing team owned by two of Ferrari’s earliest patrons: Prince Igor Troubetzkoy and Count Bruno Sterzi.
Production began in late 1950 and ended in late 1951, by which time 24 Inters were produced. As was the norm at the time, cars were sent to the customer’s coachbuilder of choice for a body and interior.
The bulk of 195 Inter production was split between Turin coachbuilders, Vignale and Ghia. Each bodied ten cars while the remaining four were split between Touring (three) and Motto (one).

All 24 cars were right-hand drive.

Carrozzeria Ghia is one of the most famous Italian automobile design and coach building companies. Established in Turin by Giacinto Ghia as Carrozzeria Ghia & Gariglio in 1915, the company initially made lightweight aluminium-bodied cars, achieving fame with the Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 which won the Mille Miglia in 1929 or with the Fiat 508 “Balilla” Sport Coupé in 1933.

The Ghia design on the Ferrari 195 Inter was dominated by a distinctive grille, the upper centre of which was contoured to match the raised hood line. Slim chrome trims along each sill gave the car a slender side profile. Muscular rear fenders were neatly integrated with the rest of the body and elegant bumpers were fitted front and back. Cockpits could be tailored precisely to a customers requirements. At this stage, practically all Ferraris were built with a metal body coloured dash and Jaeger instrumentation.

Well-padded seats comfortable enough for long distance travel were normally installed. Leather was routinely used to upholster the seats, dash top and side panels. The rear quarters were often trimmed with a mix of carpet and the same soft fabric used for the headliner. Front windows wound down manually while the rear quarter windows were sometimes hinged at the leading edge.



This extremely impressive Ferrari has been sold new to its first owner in January 1951, Franco Cornacchia who was a businessman, an early dealer of Ferraris, and an amateur racer.
It is believed the Ghia bodywork was finished in Black and that this was the specific example shown in April 1951 at the Torino Motor Show in Italy held at Parco Valentino in Turin.
Marcel Massini notes the car to have been in Paris in 1953, and the following year it was exported toUSA purchased by Mr. Barrett S. Wayburn in Michigan.
In 1955 it was shown at the Mount Diablo Concours d’Elégance.
In 1969, the car was acquired by the collector Edsel H. Pfabe in Cleveland, Ohio.
That year the Ferrari was painted in Red.
Mr. Pfabe participated at the 1983 4th annual Palm Beach Polo Concours d’Elegance in Florida, USA.
This specific example was awarded as the Best of Show!
With a brief sojourn in Tokyo from 1989 to 1991, the car returned to Europe in 1992 and was acquired by Walter Schäfer from Hainhausen, Germany who used this Ferrari in multiple historic racing events.
A most notable event during Walter Schäfer’s ownership of this car has been its participation in:
1993 Mille Miglia with co-driver Steffen Imhof and race number 271
1994 Mille Miglia with co-driver Rainer Braun and race number 296
1999 Mille Miglia with co-driver Seidenfaden and race number 251

In 2001, a Dutch gentleman purchased the car, having it certified by Ferrari Classiche, which confirmed that the engine, gearbox, and differential were all matching numbers.
The build sheet notes that the original colours of the car were unknown.
Acquired by a Dutch collector in 2017, he took the decision to have the Ferrari painted at Auto Classica Rubbio in the Netherlands.
When taking the Ferrari body back to bare metal, restorers uncovered what is believed to be the original Black paintwork.
Following this discovery, the owner decided to finish the car in Black, with the interior trimmed in Red leather.
This, along with other associated costs during the restoration, amounted to approximately € 140,000,- invoices and photographs are available to view on file.
Today the car presents beautifully.

The Ferrari has been certified and comes with the impressive Ferrari Classiche book.



As described above this Ferrari has been restored by well known/top specialists in the Netherlands.

The car has been body wise completely restored by the absolute best specialist for Italian cars in the Netherlands.

The result is extraordinary.

The quality of the paint is absolutely superb and the color is amazing.

We would describe it as Black with a warm touch.

When we inspected this car it became clear that the restoration has been done very thorough. Quite often there are parts which are not restored if they are not easily seen, for example under the bumpers r under the dashboard but this car is extremely impressive restored in detail.

Not needed to describe but the gaps of the Ferrari are excellent and also details inside the door are perfectly restored.



The interior of the Ferrari is actually impossible to describe as it is extremely special. The exterior of the Ferrari is beautifully restored while the interior is completely original including the seats, doorcards and carpet.
Over the time many cars have lost their emotion by making it nicer then new. In the case of this Ferrari the opposite happened and the car has kept it’s emotion with keeping it’s original interior.

It’s absolutely unique but this Ferrari still has it’s original leather on the seats, carpet and doorcards.

In other words, Mr. Franco Cornacchia took place on the same leather when he drove the first kilometers with the car as we have done recently.
Isn’t that amazing?

The condition of the interior is absolutely superb. Unique as you have to keep in mind that the interior is 74 years old.

When we first drove the Ferrari we were impressed and we had to be careful as we constantly get distracted by the wonderful design of the meters and gauges.

The interior is as described above difficult to describe



The engine bay and underpart of the Ferrari are in a very nice and period correct condition. The engine bay as well as the underside of the Ferrari present very fresh.

One can easily recognize the proper maintenance which has been given to the car.



The Colombo V12 is as much a work of art as it is an engineering masterpiece.

This beautiful Ferrari is a stunning driver. She drives as she looks.

Absolutely perfect and special.

Once started, the engine emits an evocative yet subdued growl and the power is superb.

Handling of this Ferrari is excellent.

As one of just 11 built, this 1951 Ferrari 195 Inter Coupé by Ghia is a fine example of an early 1950s Ferrari coupé.

We think that this Ferrari is a simply outstanding example, a Coupé for a customer of real taste.


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