Traum Schwarz Metallic (Black)
Year of build:
€ 59.500,-


  • A very rare modern classic
  • Only 1,700 km has been driven since major maintenance at leading Z1 specialist Potti’s Garage
  • Invoices show over € 16.000,- which has been invested in the car in 2021
  • The proof of payment / the car’s new invoice from 15-6-1990 is still in the history file
  • Complete proof of driven kilometers per period
  • Due to the small production number, the Z1 proves to be a very good investment for the future
  • Totally innovative featuring a unique door arrangement where the doors, instead of opening outward, drop down into the car’s sills
  • Only 87.437 kilometers since new
  • Superb condition, definitely since the last investment at Potti’s garage in 2021
  • Delivered new in the Netherlands by BMW Dealer Dubbelsteyn in Dordrecht (a total of 96 new Z1s were delivered in the Netherlands)
  • All books including service and instruction manual as well as the original brochure and many other BMW Z1 documentation will come with the car

‘The Z1 was not especially cheap to buy, but was built to BMW’s traditionally high standards. Some regarded the car as faultless, and it was certainly among the best-handling sports cars, but the important point for BMW was its standing. BMW had returned to making true sports cars after many years’ absence.’ – Lawrence Meredith, BMW: 1975 – 2001.

The Z1 is the direct result of a think tank BMW formed in 1985. The Z1’s early development is attributed to Dr. Ulrich Bez, before leaving for Porsche in October 1988.

BMW took 60 of their best engineers, technicians, and designers, and completely separated them from other development departments.

Their goal was to bring their wildest creations to life.

The team had free rein to pursue any idea they could imagine. They created a car that was so aerodynamic it didn’t require wings or spoilers.

A car that could handle winding roads exceptionally well with its low center of gravity.

It was a completely new driving experience. It even had removable plastic paneling that owners could swap out, and change the color of their car.

A ‘concept car’ first shown by BMW in 1986 and officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1987, the Z1 sports roadster was used to showcase emerging automotive technologies, including the ‘internal skeleton’ method of construction best known for its use by Rover in the 2000 model of 1963.

The car developed by BMW Technik GmbH featured the unique door arrangement where the doors, instead of opening outward, dropped down into the car’s sills.

Demand was strong, with 5,000 orders were placed before production even began, despite a high price and today this landmark model continues to be highly sought after by BMW collectors.

Because of the car’s unconventional characteristics, most of the Z1 was built by hand.

The Z1 had all the makings of a collectible car. Limited production, one-off features, not sold in the US and a real joy to drive.



This beautiful BMW Z1 has covered only 87.437 kilometers since new and is presented in completely original specification.

The car is finished in Traum Schwarz Metallic (Black) with black leather/camouflage interior.

The Z1 was available in six exterior colors and four interior colors whereby red was the most ordered colour.

This beautiful BMW Z1 Roadster has had 4 owners since new.
The first owner lived in Roosendaal, the Netherlands and had the Z1 for 20 years, from 1990 to 2010 and has driven a total of 84,501 km by car.

The second owner lived in Aarle-Rixtel, the Netherlands and owned this Z1 for 8 years, from 2010 to 2018.

The third owner purchased the BMW Z1 in 2019 but decided to decrease the number of cars in his collection and to focus on very rare and expensive cars.

In 2021 the Z1 went to Germany and is now back with us in Holland.

All the owners maintained the Z1 every few thousand miles with either their local BMW agent or respected specialists.

The last owner, a German client and respectable collector is a perfectionist. We have done several deals with this gentlemen and we are always assured that his cars are extremely well serviced/maintained.

This is certainly the case with this BMW Z1 which he brought in 2021 to BMW Z1 leading specialist Potti’s Garage in Bünen, Germany. Invoices show that more than €16,000,- was invested in the BMW to make the car ready for the future. Only 1,709 km have been driven since this last investment so it might be clear that the car is ready to go.

One of the most common defects in the BMW Z1 are faulty and damaged doors. Because these unique doors use a different kind of technology, you often see problems occur. These problems are remedied through a complete door overhaul on both sides.

Also, the timing belt has been renewed.

At the front and rear, new shock absorbers have been installed.

In addition, the car has been fitted with a completely new clutch.

Other noteworthy work includes:

Complete oil change including new filters
New wishbone bearings and connecting rods at front and rear
Complete new set of brake lines front and rear
New muffler

All these repairs were done during the last service in 2021. Only 1,709 km have been driven with it since then.

The car is document wise also extremely complete with many invoices since new as well as a lot of BMW Z1 documentation such as brochures as well as BMW Z1 club documentations.

A unique details is that this BMW Z1 comes with it’s original delivery note. A handwritten receipt of a payment of fourteen thousand eight hundred and fifty thousand guilders.



The BMW Z1 starts to become an important collectors car with a serious age. Due to the fact that the Z1 is a superb driving and very usable car it is difficult to find nice quality examples.

This BMW Z1 has been superbly maintained and has been owned only by collectors as we can see on the condition of the car.

The exterior is in a beautiful condition. The body shows some very minor signs of use on the bonnet. The car still carries it’s original delivery color.

If one would decide to change the color, BMW offered a set of outer panels which could be according to BMW changed with a screwdriver in 1 hour.

The special shallow doors are perfectly working and it’s even legally allowed to drive around with the doors down. You can imagine that this gives a very nice free feeling.
Condition wise it is clearly visible that this Z1 has been since new a collectors car.



The interior is in the rare and original “camouflage” motif which is combined with leather. The interior is like the exterior in a very nice condition with no excessive wearing on the seats, trim or carpeting.

The wearing signs are small and very acceptable for a car from this age.

Its good overall condition, confirms that it has always been the property of caring collectors.



The Z1 is comfortable, smooth, and accommodating.

The driving experience is dominated by the special doors. The doorless experience is so unique that it almost overshadows the rest of the driving experience of the Z1.

It makes the BMW Z1 feel fun at any speed. You just need any road, decent enough weather and the doors in their downward position.

These cars are very exciting to drive and enjoy. The great engine bus also the fabulous handling make the Z1 not only a wonderful looking but also a fantastic driving car.

This Z1 is a highly collectible BMW, and we think will be a treasured asset for years to come.


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