S2 Continental Sports Saloon by H.J. Mulliner
British Racing Green
Year of build:
€ 335.000,-


  • 1 of only 71 examples built to design number 7514 in RHD version
  • Benefit from a recent body respray (invoices available € 45.000,-)
  • Wonderful color combination 
  • Beautiful overal condition and the best driving example we have traded
  • Very impressive driving experience
  • Nicely documented from early ownership including a copy of the sales invoice from 1961
  • All owners known since 1961 

In 1959 Bentley decided to upgrade their flagship chassis by installing a 6¾ liter V8 engine which replaced the former 6 cylinder engine. 

The ‘Continental’ form was the highest trim level available in the lineup and offered a much more luxury and was a faster ride than the standard production vehicles. 

Their special coach-built frame and ‘higher-than-standard’ performance levels thanks to lightweight body construction, robust engines and high gear ratios easily distinguish continental models from ‘regular’ Bentley models. 

They included lavish upgrades like press button window lifts, electric rear window demisters, electrically operated ride control, power-assisted steering, updated and more flexible AC and fully automatic transmission.

The Bentley Continental is easily identified by its chassis number, as it is always prefaced with “BC”. 

The name “Continental” was intended to advertise low wind resistance, lightness, and exceptional speed and performance. The Continental designation rapidly acquired a reputation as being a cut above the standard Bentley.

H.J. Mulliner designed and built this car’s body. The company was in business from 1900 through 1968.

It was the most successful and prolific of the Mulliner-named coachbuilding firms and has always been closely identified with Rolls-Royce and Bentley. 

As early as 1950, the coachbuilder looked for alternatives to aluminium over a hardwood body skeleton. Mulliner began to use extruded alloy sections under the sleek skins to create a squeak-free, corrosion-resistant body as an alternative to the standard steel saloon. 

Rolls-Royce Motors acquired the H.J. Mulliner company in 1959, and in 1961, they merged H.J. Mulliner with their other coachbuilding company, Park Ward Ltd.

The continental was firstly built with a wraparound rear screen and fins on the front and rear. The 2nd. series was re-designed and the fins were removed resulting in the most attractive design of all coachwork fitted to the S2 continental chassis. 

Only 71 examples have been built like this example in right hand drive specification which makes the car a very rare and unique appearance.



Please take a good glass of wine and a comfortable seat when reading the following story…….

It’s May 1960 in London and a gentlemen named Mr. Albert Parkinson decides to visit his Bentley dealer Jack Barclay at Berkely Square. He was already a Bentley driver as we can read on the invoice that he decides to order a new Bentley S2 Continental and trade in his former Bentley Continental.

His new series 2 Bentley is ordered fully optioned which included the following options:

– Electrically operated windows

– Electrically operate aerial 

– Richmond type safety harnesses to the from seats

– Toolset

Mr. Parkinson gets his invoice on the 8th. of Februari 1961 and gets his car delivered 10 days later on the 18th. of Februari. 

He drives the car till 1977 and sells the car to Billam Esq from South Croydon in Surry, UK.

The car did not really decrease in value as Mr. Parkinson paid to Barclay an amount of £ 8.745,- GBP in 1961 when the car was new but Billam Esq paid £ 10.350,- GBP in 1977. 

Billam Esq made an earning on the car when he sold the Bentley in August 1979 to P. Vestey Esq for £ 17.000,- GBP.

In 2000 the Bentley went to Holland and was owned by a Mr. Rottinghuis for approximately 17 years. Via a UK dealer the Bentley arrived again in Holland and was owned by a car enthousiast who decided to give the Bentley an extensive respray costing € 45.000,-. 

The Bentley has an impressive owners history file including copies of the internal order list with all specific specifications from 1960 and the invoice from the Bentley dealer towards the first owner and from the owners who sold the Bentley onwards over the years. 

This history does not result in a better driving car but it’s so nice and special to know what has happened with this fabulous car over the years. 



This car is a beautiful appearance due to the beautiful cosmetic condition of the car and the fact that the car benefits of a very recent respray to dark British Racing Green which costed € 45.000,-

The body of the Bentley is beautifully straight and the car has overall a good panel fit. 

Opening and closing the doors goes impressively smooth and the doors are hanging perfectly in their hinges. The hinges don’t have any play which is rather unique with these large and heavy doors.

The glass and lights are all in a very nice condition.

The chrome is in a beautiful and superb original condition. The shine is beautiful and certainly like a mirror. Over the years the chrome bumpers and window surrounding show soma patina but this is exactly what such a car needs. 



The interior of the Bentley is absolutely amazing as it is completely original except of a small leather part on the driver seat.

The carpets, headlining as well as the doorpanels and leather are all original and this makes the car absolutely unique. 

It’s unique that the interior looks so impressively nice after so many years. The interior makes it very clear that the owners of this car have taken care of this car and that they have had a lot of care for her.



Driving the Bentley is difficult to describe. It’s almost unbelievable that the car is driving so easy and so smooth. The fantastic sounding V8 is running beautifully, it’s fast but also very smooth when cruising on the motorway.

If you drive the Bentley you feel immediately that this was 1 of the best car you could buy in those years.

The driving experience of a Bentley Continental is nice but we have to note that this is by far the best driving Continental we have ever driven. The car handles absolutely fantastic and every singel part is perfectly responsive including the gearbox, the steering and the brakes. 



This Bentley Continantal is not just a Continental, it is an exceptional opportunity to acquire an extremely beautiful and superb driving Bentley with excellent owners history. 

In addition to its known history, the car is complete with it’s original hand book and tools.



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