1/4 Park Ward
Light Blue
Year of build:
€ 125.000,-


  • Beautiful restored example
  • Over € 150.000,- invested in the 10 years resulting in a fabulous looking and driving example
  • A sports tourer car. Looking as a tourer but clearly driving as a Sportscar with serious power
  • A car which is not only a joy to look at but gives enormous fun to drive and can be seriously raced or taken on long distance trips towards Goodwood Revival for example



This Bentley 4 1/4 Park Ward was delivered in the United Kingdom in November 1936 .

The car was fitted with a Park Ward 4 door light Sports Saloon body.

The first owner of the Bentley was a Mr. Arthur Groom and the car was sold via Jack Olding & Co.

The Bentley was owned by a Dutch gentlemen named Mr. Lerentvald in 1985 who sold it in 2000 to Mr. Braakenburg.

In 2008 the car was bought by our client. A very nice gentlemen with a nice collection of classic cars.

A perfectionist as we can see on the car and on the invoices. A total amount of € 150.000,- has been spend by this gentlemen in the car and the result is absolutely amazing.

The body as well as the interior have been beautifully restored on a period correct way.

Technically a lot of attention has been given to the car as well. Invoices show work on the gearbox, drivetrain as well as the engine.

No money has been spared on this car which is easily recognizable when we look at the car and certainly when we drive the car.



The body of this Bentley has been beautifully restored in 2009. The former owner choose this beautiful color combination which suits the Bentley very well.
Amongst the very nice and straight body also the chrome is in a wonderful and beautiful high shine condition.

The doorfittings are superb and small details such as lighting details and even the trunk lid are in a beautiful condition.

The car is full of details such as an extra lamp which is mounted near the front of the passenger door and which can be set by the passenger to shine on specific area’s.

Also the double horns near the front bumper are a beautiful stylish detail on this beautiful car.

The wheels are painted in dark bleu and finished with beautiful chrome wheel nuts.

A very useful extra is the original large sunroof which makes the car a joy to drive on nice weather days.


The interior of the Bentley is absolutely amazing. When you enter the car it is an oase of high quality dark blue leather which is surrounded with recently refinished high gloss wood.

The carpets as well as the headlining are in an excellent/brand new condition.

The longer you sit in the car the more unique details and features you will see.
For example the surrounding of the windows is in the same beautiful leather and the wood has a small line like a piano has.

The impressive steering wheel is not just a steering wheel but it also offers the buttons to change the suspension, the hand gas as well as the setting of the timing of the engine.
Yes this Bentley was full of state of the art technique at the time.



The Bentley is a huge pleasure to drive.
The engine is very well tuned and is very powerful.
The clutch works direct and the gear change is very easy and relatively light.

The steering and suspension are very direct and therefore the car is a joy to drive.

This Bentley is not only wonderful to see it’s driving as it looks. Beautifully!




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