Year of build:
€ 79.500,-


  • Originally Dutch delivered example
  • A total of just 1,098 standard specification Azures were produced
  • Benefit from a very recent large service at Bentley specialist (August 2023)
  • Ultimate summer cruiser
  • Just 2 owners since new
  • One of 200 examples built in 1997
  • Very distinctive colour combination in blue with cream interior

‘’ The open road. The open skies. The Azure. ’’

Can you see yourself driving along the coast on a beautiful summer’s day? This Bentley Azure is the best option for it.

Originally designated for construction in 1995 when it debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, the first series was offered on the Continental R platform.

In every sense a Bentley, with perfect interior refinement and a flowing silhouette.

This is a car that takes a mere 25 seconds for its roof to glide away revealing the freedom of the heavens.

Freedom symbolised by the Flying ‘B’ radiator mascot proudly installed atop that famous radiator grille. An iconic piece of sculpture reinterpreted for the new century.

The Bentley Azure was built for the rich and famous as the price was when new was high, very high.

The history of the building proces of the car traces back to the early years of English classic cars.

The body panels were built by Pininfarina in Italy and installed in the factory in Crewe, England.

Many layers of paint were put on the body before leaving the factory as a castle on wheels.

The factory could built 200 examples of the Azure resulting in the extreme high price (in Holland approximately 1.000.000,- including taxes at the time).

Every single part of the Bentley is impressive. The body, the interior, the engine, the soft top etc. etc.

Driving the car is most impressive. The car has a weight of 2.600 kilograms and is off-course large but when it seems that the car becomes smaller when the gas pedal is pushed. The handling of this Bentley is so smooth and easy.



It is extremely rare to have found an original Dutch delivered example of this Bentley Azure due to the fact that the new price was extremely high. Including tax one had to spend around 1.000.000,- for the car which could buy at the time also 2 to 3 family houses.

The Bentley has been owned during it’s life which started in 1997 by 2 owners. The first owner drove the car from 1997 to 2013 and sold it to the last owner.

Unfortunately the last owner passed away and therefore the car is currently on the market.

In August 2023 the car has received a large service at the main Bentley specialist in Holland.

The car is complete with all it’s books as well as tools.

The Bentley was well maintained and only drove 89.000 kilometers since new which means less then 4.000 kilometers a year.



Recently the Bentley has been professional polished. During the polish one could find very minor signs of use showing that the car has been very well and careful kept by it’s owners.

The body is beautiful with a nice deep shining blue color.

The wheels are in as new condition without any damages.

The windows don’t show any stone chips and are in a perfect condition.

Even the folding, blue roof shows minor traces of use.



The interior of the car, like the exterior, looks neat.

Due to the extremely high quality of the materials used it happens often that one can find many damages. The leather is for example very soft which can result in damages but this Bentley has been carefully used.

One can off-course find minor traces of use but overall the interior is in a perfect shape.

The wooden parts are NOT damaged by the sun and show a beautiful shine.



As for the driving experience of this Bentley, it is, of course, Bentley through and through.

Power came from the company’s stalwart 6.75-litre V8, featuring a single, intercomleed Garrett turbocharger and rated in the region of 365 bhp – Rolls-Royce and Bentley did not yet give official power numbers at the time of the Azure’s introduction.

This V8 engine gives the car a smooth but powerful feel.

Powerful because the Bentley drives from 0 to 100 in 6.7 seconds and has a topspeed of 240 km’s per hour.

When you drive the Bentley you hear a very soft and smooth engine sound until you select the sport mode and push the gas. The car will change then in a wolf in sheep clothes.


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