Aston Martin
Virage Volante
Year of build:
€ 123.500,-


  • An Aston Martin Virage with a very special and nice history file and owned by a real Aston Martin collector
  • All history / invoices available from day 1
  • Only 55.000 kilometres from new
  • Described by Fast Lane magazine as the ‘most aristocratic of convertibles’
  • Original LHD example
  • Just 223 Virage Volantes have been produced and just a few cars are left hand drive
  • With a very impressive history file and even the delivery invoice from new

‘The Volante is the new soft-top version of the Virage incorporating the latest changes made to the full Aston range. Beautiful hand-built craftsmanship abounds in this most aristocratic of convertibles.’ – Fast Lane. 

The replacement for Aston Martin’s long-running V-8 models, the Vantage V-8 in particular, was introduced in 1988 at the Birmingham Motor Show. 

Named Virage, its hand-formed aluminium body was angular, but it has aged well. As with any Aston Martin, the finest materials were used, from Connolly leather to Wilton wool carpeting and rich wood trim. 

The 330 horsepower 5.3-liter engine, now with four valves per cylinder and Weber-Marelli fuel injection, was engineered by Callaway in Connecticut, and as first offered, it was mated to a five-speed manual or three-speed automatic transmission.

Aston Martin débuted the convertible Volante version of the Virage at the Birmingham Motor Show two years after the coupé had been introduced. Meanwhile, being a late Virage Volante, it benefitted from receiving Chrysler’s updated four-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission instead of the earlier three-speed unit.



Being from Holland this is an extra unique car for us. It seems that this Aston Martin was newly delivered in Holland by Aston Martin Dealer Kroymans in August 1998. 

The car was costing at the time over 520.000,- guilders and nowadays we see the value a euro on the level of a guilder. 

Thinking of the inflation over the years, an amount of 520.000,- guilders would have bought an enormous villa on a top location in these years.

Luckily, the first owner, a Mr. Lindenbergh from Zeist decided to buy this Aston Martin and to trade in his Jaguar XK 140 OTS. 

Before Mr. Lindenbergh it seems that the car was used by Mr. Kroymans himself as the car had driven approximately 1.400 kilometers prior to delivery and an internal invoice was made for a change of the headlamp and a fuse. 

Mr. Lindenbergh used the Aston regularly and drove quite a lot with the car had driven 14141 kilometers in august 1999. So in 1 year. 

In 2003 the Aston Martin was bought by a very good friend of us and a gentlemen who has Aston Martin petrol in his blood. A gentlemen with an enormous Aston Martin memorabilia collection.

This gentlemen took a lot of care for the car and even went to Aston Martin works in Newport Pagnell for servicing the Aston.

In 2005, the former owner decided to bring the Aston for a service at the factory and on it’s way back he had a small accident. Nothing serious but the front bumper was damaged.

Probably a sign as he wanted already to change the front with available Virage Body Enhancements.

Aston Martin offered at the time a Works Prepared Programme for Virage Body enhancements. 

The gentlemen decided to spend approximately 50.000,- GBP to modify the Aston at Aston Martin and the result is absolutely stunning. 



We have seen quite a lot of Virages but honestly these cars are mainly in a poor condition. Unfortunately the building quality in these years was not as it is now and amongst this fact the value of these cars have been very low so maintenance costs were mainly higher then the value of the car. 

Therefore it is hard to find a very nice and good Virage but this car is certainly 1 of or probably the nicest Virage we have seen.

The former owner took so much care for the car that she is in a superb overall condition.

The body is extremely nice with a beautiful deep blue metallic color. 

The upgrade which has been done on the front is just stunning and makes the car much nicer to look at. 

All rubbers and windows are all in as new condition and also the tires are recently replaced.

We have not been able to find any serious damages, not even on areas such as the wheels. 

The soft top is also in an as new condition so exterior wise the car is absolutely beautiful.



The interior of the Virage consists of the highest quality leather. Very soft but therefore also easy to damage.

The interior of this Virage is very beautiful in a light beige color with a dark blue piping. 

The driver seat shows some minor signs of use but it can easily be recognized that this car is very well treated. 



It is immediately clear that the Aston Martin Virage is a beast. If one stands next to the car it is a very big and impressive machine but this becomes even more clear when the key is turned and the engine is started.

The sound is fabulous. A chique sound but with a very serious touch.

The combination with the automatic gearbox is perfect. It makes the car easy to use on long distances but in sport mode it gives also a lot of fun on a race track.

The brakes of the car are progressive and effective which is important as this car is a heavy machine.

This Aston Martin is certainly one of a kind. A car with a clear history whereby all invoices from new are available and all manuals and books are present.

A car for a serious collector or somebody who would like to use the car on a daily base.


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