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  • An extremely rare and original Left Hand Drive example, just around 20% of the Aston Martin DB5’s were delivered in LHD configuration 
  • 899 DB5 coupes examples were built between 1963 and 1965
  • Truly iconic model, James Bond’s preferred Aston Martin
  • An Aston Martin DB5 has a place in every car collection
  • Instantly recognizable, a car of unmatched power, elegance, and luxury
  • The DB5 is considered by many as “The Most Famous Car in the World”


Racing has played a major part in the development of all Aston Martin engines since Frank Halford designed the original 1.5-litre unit for Bamford & Martin. The 3,995cc 6-cylinder light alloy engine fitted to the DB5 is in all major respects the same as that which powered the 4-litre prototype which ran in the 1962 and 1963 Le Mans 24-Hour races.” – Autocar, May 21st, 1965.

The DB5 was introduced in July 1963 and represented a further evolution of the preceding DB4 series rather than the beginning of an entirely new model line. The major change was the adoption of a 4.0-liter version of the (previously) 3.7-liter six-cylinder engine.

The DB5’s superb performance – 0-60mph in 7.1 seconds and a top speed of 148mph – ranked it amongst the world’s fastest cars.

Superior materials were used in manufacture, such as aluminum-alloy body panels mounted over a skeleton of small-diameter tubing, which was patented by Touring of Milan as Superleggera construction. 

Its race-proven engine was also made of aluminum, including both the block and its twin-cam hemispherical cylinder head. 

Beyond all independent expressions of its beauty and performance, which were well founded, the DB5 was endorsed by the most famous of all Secret Service agents, James Bond. 

The 1964 Bond film, ‘Goldfinger’, made the DB5 one of the most famous cars of all time. Unsurprising as what man wouldn’t want to drive a beautiful car and imagine themselves as a wayward secret agent and all round ladies man. 

With the DB5 being resurrected in the latest James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ it has further cemented the DB5’s significance in both cult history and also in motoring history.



The history of this Aston Martin DB5 starts on June 1965 when this rare DB5 was completed and delivered to its first owner, a Mr. Bengt Jonsson. He let the car deliver at Hotel Beaulac in Neuchatel, Switzerland. 

For us personally this DB5 ticks all the boxes. 

The DB5 is an original left hand drive example, just around 20% of the Aston Martin DB5’s were delivered in LHD configuration.

The car is newly delivered in it’s current colour scheme of Sierra Blue over Beige and the history file is very complete.

A very impressive file which comes with the car show the services which the car received during it’s life as well as the change of owners and other historical details.

The car is impressively correct with the correct numbers on the correct places. 

The Aston Martin was bought in 1974 and was then used on a regular base for 5 years. It was then stored for 10 years and afterwards the car was impressively restored. Not a single screw was untouched. 

According to a variety of invoices the restoration has been finalized around 2001/2002



The body of the Aston Martin is in a nice condition. The fittings of the doors, bonnet and boot are very nice.

This is a car in a condition which we personally adore. It’s certainly not over the top restored. The car is in a very correct and honest condition.

The paint has a nice and bright shine. One can find some small signs of use on the car.

The chrome is in a beautiful but not freshly re-chromed condition. The chrome looks to be fully original but we have to conclude that it seems too nice for being never re-chromed. Nevertheless we can conclude that the condition is very nice.

The windows are all in a nice condition without scratches or stonechips. 

 We personally appreciate that the car is in it’s original color scheme and that the car is in such a period correct condition. 



The interior has proven it wasn’t just a showcase of period luxury, it was also very stylish and timeless. 

The interior of the Aston is very attracting and in our opinion the colour suits the exterior color of the car very well.

A variety of letters show that the restorer did a lot of effort to receive the exact perfect Connolly leather to restore the seats.

Amongst the leather seats, the headlining as well as the carpets are all in period correct materials and in a beautiful condition.

The dashboard is nicely shining and shows the correct grey color.

All meters, gauges and knobs are in perfect working order.

The wood rimmed steering wheel is in a nice order as well. It shows that the car has been used over the years, it has the perfect patina.



Driving an Aston Martin DB 5 is extremely special. Everybody knows the model because of James Bond and everybody seems to love the brand. 

An Aston Martin is always accepted and people enjoy seeing an Aston life on the street.

For the continent it is off-course a huge advantage that this Aston is a left hand drive example. But amongst this advantage, the amount of left hand drive cars made by Aston Martin is rather low which results in a huge demand for these cars. Factory-delivered left-hand-drive Aston Martin DB5s are extremely rare cars indeed.

With its rarity, signature production features, originality and fascinating history with a very detailed history file, it stands proudly today as one of the most desirable Astons, equally ready to be toured as David Brown originally intended.




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