Aston Martin
Virage 6.3 Wide Body
Year of build:
€ 350.000,-
  • In the 90’s rich customers could return their new Virage to the Aston Martin factory in Newport Pagnell for the price of a 2nd Virage to dismantle it and replace its body by a wide body.
  • A few customers achieved the rarest Aston Martin ever, for the price of a 3rd Virage, they demanded the factory to replace also the brand new 5.3 litre engine for a 6,3 litre. Together with the upgrade of the engine the 6.3 liter cars received stronger brakes, stronger suspension and nicer wheels.
  • 24 examples are known in total with 2 known to be Left Hand Drive
  • The first owner of this Virage also required a Manual Gearbox, making this car unique of the uniques
  • Less than 18.000 kilometers since new
  • The most luxurious Aston Martin of the 1990s
  • Described by Fast Lane magazine as the ‘most aristocratic of convertibles’
  • Extremely well documented with invoices from new
  • ‘The Volante is the new soft-top version of the Virage incorporating the latest changes made to the full Aston range. Beautiful hand-built craftsmanship abounds in this most aristocratic of convertibles.’ – Fast Lane


The Volante convertible had been the big seller of the ‘old’ V8 line-up, so the only surprise was that it took Aston Martin more than two years from the Virage coupé’s introduction to come up with a soft-top equivalent. The production Virage Volante debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1991, a prototype having been displayed at Birmingham’s NEC the previous October. Weighing in at over two tons, the open Volante was even heavier than the closed coupé, itself no lightweight, this increase in weight being accounted for by considerable body strengthening to compensate for the absent roof, plus the extra complication of the power-operated convertible hood. Electrically powered, the latter was beautifully made and incorporated a glass rear window, complete with heated de-misting elements. Mechanically the Volante remained much the same as its closed cousin, though with slightly lower final drive gearing to aid acceleration through the gears.

Two years after the unveiling of the Aston Martin Virage Volante, the company pushed the envelope one step further by offering its customers the option of a 6.3-liter engine, available for both the Virage coupe and Volante. The first customers found themselves sending their brand-new cars to Aston Martin Works Service to have new, wider bodywork fitted; this included enlarged wheel arches, bigger air dam, and revised sill covers. Later, the factory itself would produce the wider bodies during production, which offered customers a chance to retain their original 5.3-liter engine but modify the body of their Virage to appear as the 6.3.



The Virage Volante which we offer is absolutely the most rare and unique example from the Virage range. It features the extremely unique and expensive ‘wide body’ specification that originated on the 6.3-litre version of the Virage.

This example also has the engine upgrade from 5.340 to 6.3 liter which results in a power increase of approximately 40 percent.

Because of the enormous power upgrade, the car has been improved on a variety of parts at the factory being amongst other parts the suspension and brakes.

A nice detail is that this Virage is ordered in the 6.3 liter wide body specification so the car is newly delivered with this specification.

All invoices are with the car on which can be seen that a “standard” Virage went from the factory to the Aston Martin works department to remove and refit all bodywork fittings to carry out a full 6.3 engine, suspension, brakes and body conversion.

Internal Aston Martin documents are coming with the car which show the complete conversion.



First registered in 1997, this extremely rare Wide Body Volante is in excellent condition throughout, and the Midnight Blue coachwork is beautifully complemented with as new condition Dark Blue carpets. It is evident that much care and attention has been lavished upon this magnificent car.

The car drove less then 18.000 kilometers and has been very carefully used.

We have not been able to find any damages, not even on areas such as the wheels.

The former Belgian owner is a discerning collector, there are receipts for all of the maintenance which he has done on the car along with the car’s (service) history, in the extensive owner’s file.

This is a truly elegant Volante with the ‘widebody’ additions giving it a more purposeful stance.

Produced in tiny numbers, its rarity and desirability will ensure that it remains collectable and sought-after for years to come.



We have seen quite a lot of Virages and it is hard to find a very nice and good Virage with an as new interior. Due to the fact that the leather is very soft it is also damaging easily but this car is certainly 1 of or probably the nicest Virage we have seen.

The soft top is also in an as new condition so exterior and interior wise the car is absolutely amazing.



It is immediately recognizable that the Aston Martin Virage is a beast. If one stands next to the car it is a very big and impressive machine but this becomes even more clear when the key is turned and the engine is started.

The sound is fabulous. A chique sound but with a very serious touch.

The brakes of the car are progressive and effective which is important as this car is a heavy machine.

This Aston Martin is certainly one of a kind. A car with a clear history whereby all invoices from new are available and all manuals and books are present.

A very serious car for a serious collector or somebody who would like to use the car on a daily base.



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