Aston Martin
V8 Series III
Royal Claret Red
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  • Extremely beautiful restored example, over 2.200 hours have been spent to bring the car in it’s current impressive condition
  • The nicest Aston Martin V8 we have ever seen
  • A much better car compared to the Series II because of Weber carburetors 
  • Completely restored in delivery color scheme / delivery specification
  • Extremely impressively documented 
  • If only the best is good enough


The Bosch fuel injected engine of the DBS V8 and early AM V8 was proving difficult to be made to comply with the US emission control regulations, so the decision was made to convert the V8 to carburettors. 

This may appear odd as now-a-days, it is accepted that fuel injection is the solution to clean emissions. But the reality was that Aston Martin Lagonda never quite got the hang of the Bosch system at the time and the switch to carburettors was a better medium term option. 

Of course the change actually lasted until 1986 when an electronic fuel injection system was finally introduced to the V8 range.

Externally the Weber carburettor V8 featured a noticeably larger air intake and bulge extending to back of the bonnet to cover the four twin choke 42 mm Webers and airbox. 

Another change to the body which allows for easy identification of these cars and beyond is the panel below the rear screen. 

Previously this panel had louvers but these were deleted and the panel  gained a small lip just above the boot lid. 

There were many other detailed improvements to the car with revised front seats, revised switches, improved cooling to engine and transmission plus a new fuel tank which gave more luggage space.

Initially performance was still very impressive from the 310 bhp 5.3 litre engine. The automatic car could top 146 mph and hit 0 to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds (Autocar, Sept 1973). The manual was even quicker at 155 mph and 5.7 seconds (Motor, Sept 1973). This car being an automatic example.



This Aston Martin V8 Series III, started his life as an original left-hand-drive car newly delivered in Japan. 

From 1976 until June 2017, the car resided in Japan, after which it was shipped to the Netherlands. 

The car was then bought by its current owner on an online auction as a restoration project. 

In 2019 the car was presented at the main Concours d’Elegance in Holland in unrestored condition.

After the Concours d’Elegance, the restoration of the Aston Martin V8 began. The car was first completely taken apart so the restoration of parts and/ or the search to new parts could begin. 

The Aston received an extremely impressive and not often seen comprehensive, fully-documented restoration. Over 2.200 hours of labour have been spent to make sure this car became nicer then it was when it was newly delivered. 

An incredible amount of photos and even videos are available, covering the full process of the restoration. 

The restoration was carried out with an eye for detail and, more importantly, originality. 

Not a penny has been cut to restore the car to full, original glory on the absolute highest possible level. 

The result is impressive, as we dare to say this is the very finest Aston Martin V8 we have ever seen.  

Three years passed and by the end of 2022 the car was fully ready.

To celebrate the final result the car was brought to Concours d’Elegance in 2022 where it gained a lot of enthusiastic reactions of Aston Martin fanatics and specialists. The circle is complete. 



Where to start when it comes to the exterior of the car?

It has been restored so insanely beautifully that no blemishes or minor damages can be found on the car. 

The Royal Claret Red color let the car speak and make the car even more attractive then the standard silver which is sprayed on most V8’s. Fun fact about the colour Royal Claret Red; this colour was used on one of the first trains in the UK.

During the restoration, the chassis was stripped of the aluminium body. It was soon clear that the chassis was already a good foundation of it all.

The bad parts of the chassis were immediately removed and replaced. Then the entire chassis was blasted and epoxied.

The aluminium body was also completely blasted and stripped to bare. It was then completely repainted by a highly skilled painter. 

All the chrome work was completely de-chromed, then completely tightened and re-chromed. As a result, all the chrome has been renewed but kept in completely original condition.

No money has been saved on anything during the restoration so also the rubber surroundings in the door and around the windows are all in new condition.



Like the exterior, the interior has also been completely restored.

The seats have been fully restored internally and also wonderful re-trimmed on a period correct way. The quality of the leather as well as the color of the leather is very nice and suits extremely well the exterior color. The carpets are woven, woolen velour and in pristine / new condition. 

The original Smiths clocks have been checked, repaired and reconditioned. 

The headlining has been completely redone and is in fantastic, original condition.

Also, the belt straps have been completely renewed with its original buckles.



Of course, the first thing you hear when the car starts is the distinctive V8 roar. Turn the key and the car comes to life.

Like the rest of the car, the engine has also been completely taken apart. The wet cylinder bushings were removed and all rotating parts replaced. 

Likewise, all bearing materials, pistons, valves, valve guides and valve seats were replaced.

The car drives as it did when the car was delivered new in 1976. 

Gear shifting goes very smoothly and the car offers a very comfortable ride on the motorway but certainly also on small historical roads when it is possible to race a bit. 



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