Aston Martin
DB2 First Sanction
Year of build:
€ 335.000,-


  • An exceptionally rare motorcar, 1 of 49 examples produced
  • One of the first production cars from the David Brown era
  • Very interesting history accompanied by extensive history file with old pictures
  • Simply fascinating in every respect
  • Instantly recognizable to marque enthusiasts due to the “washboard” ribbed side vents in their bonnets
  • Upgraded in period with a 2.6 Vantage engine
  • Mille Miglia Eligible and Mille participant in 2020

Making its debut at Le Mans in 1949, well before road versions hit the streets, the first DB2s were fully-fledged competition cars. 

The model was made possible by David Brown’s purchase of Aston Martin and Lagonda in 1947 guaranteeing the availability of Lagonda’s superb twin-cam, six-cylinder engine – a WO Bentley creation – which when mated to a shortened AM ‘2-litre Sport’ chassis and clothed in Frank Feeley’s distinctive sports-tourer bodywork resulted in the era-defining DB2.

The earliest DB2s featured a three-part grille and a substantial slatted vent behind each front wheel which gave rise to the “Washboard” nickname which is still how the early cars are referred to and even the current register of the three-grille cars is entitled ‘The Washboard Register’. 

After an initial run of 49 cars, the design was simplified and thereafter the side vent was deleted and the three-piece grille replaced by a single unit. 

Of these first 49 cars, 39 Coupes were produced and 10 Drophead Coupes.



This delightful and rare Aston Martin DB2 was newly delivered in Sweden on the 5th of April 1952. The dealer who kept the car on stock must have had difficulties in selling the car to it’s first owner as the production time of the first sanction cars is 1950.

The factory build sheet shows clearly that the car was delivered at the 5th of April 1952. 

The first owner of the Aston Martin was Mr. Johan Hertz of Gothenburg on the country’s west coast, his intention was to enter the Swedish Rally to the Midnight Sun in June which he did.

The Aston remained active in competition and the third owner who owned the car from 1956 to 1967, Mr. Svedberg in Karlskoga wasn’t satisfied with the engine in the car which suffered from low oil pressure and replaced it with a 2.6 vantage engine in England receiving this desirable period upgrade.

The car changed owners for a number of times and in 1989 the owner, Mr. Lindqvist, sent it to Four Ashes Garage in England to be restored. 

After a thorough restoration the Aston was professionally refinished in the iconic Aston Racing Green, which is so familiar to fans of the marque and model and so attractive on the DB2’s elegantly simple shape. 

In 2020 / 2021 the Aston benefit from an impressive body restoration. The car was fully detailed and the body resprayed in the beautiful green color. 

In 2020 the race and rally history continued when as the Aston Martin successfully participated in the Mille Miglia where it finished the race without any major 




The body restoration of the Aston Martin has been done recently resulting in a very nice looking car with beautiful gaps on the bonnet, doors and boot. 

The Aston has very nice chrome and all the lenses and glasses are in equally nice condition as the paint. 

The restoration was done by a classic car restoration specialist which resulted clearly in attention to detail which is very important with a first sanction Aston Martin DB2.

We have owned over 8 first Sanction Aston Martin DB2’s and can confirm that these cars were all slightly different. This specific car benefits from the beautiful boot with the Le Mans style plexiglas registration boot. Other examples have the “standard” DB2 boot which is in our opinion less nice then this boot.  



The interior has also been restored with an attention to detail. The beautiful green interior show very nice and fresh. 

The seats are nice, the carpets are nice and the dashboard is very nice with beautiful and perfectly working instruments. 

Overall the interior has an excellent feeling.

The trunk (where the spare wheel is situated) is also in a nice condition. 



This Aston Martin DB2 is simply fascinating in every respect. The fact that the car is a First Sanction example makes the car extremely rare and unique. 

With its rarity, signature early production features, and fascinating history, it stands proudly today as one of the most desirable Astons DB2, equally ready to be toured and tracked as David Brown originally intended.

Original DB2 3 Piece Grille are extremely difficult to find. 

This car, bearing interesting original history and benefitting from long-term known ownerships is a unique opportunity to add to a collection. 

Amongst the nice looks the Aston Martin is also a great driver. The car is driving very well and handles easy. The power of the engine is great as well as the impressive sound which comes from the stainless steel exhaust. 

The acceleration of the car is great and the response on the pedals is impressive. 

The DB2 manœuvres very easily and it would be a joy to drive the car for example at the Mille Miglia or another beautiful event in the world. 


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