Aston Martin
DB2/4 MKIII Left Hand Drive
Year of build:
€ 275.000,-


  • A desirable original left hand drive example of the most wanted DB2 version, the MKIII
  • One of only 551 DB Mark IIIs built. Figures are not exactly known but approximately 70 examples have been made in left hand drive version
  • An original U.S. delivery example, supplied via Peter Santori Motors
  • The Mark III was faster than any of its predecessors with a top speed of 120mph (193km/h)
  • While the later DB5 is most often associated with James Bond, Ian Fleming’s original novel Goldfinger actually had 007 driving a DB Mark III
  • On the left and right front wing the original Tickford badges are still present. A nice feature as these have mostly disappeared over the years and these badges are not easy to find anymore so extremely expensive
  • Accompanied by a British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate


‘The DB Mark III is not a cheap car, actually at the time it was 1 of the most expensive cars available but it has built up a reputation for reliability, outstanding road-holding and performance. These latest changes will consolidate its position as one of the world’s outstanding sports models.’ – Autocar, October 1957.

Although it never featured in a James Bond movie, having ceased production years before the franchise commenced, the DB Mark III nevertheless was the Aston Martin driven by ‘007’ in Ian Fleming’s novel, ‘Goldfinger’. It was also the last Aston Martin produced with the W O Bentley-designed six-cylinder engine.

Externally the most obvious change of the MKIII was the adoption of a DB3S-style grille, establishing the ‘hallmark’ look of subsequent Aston Martins, which had been drawn up by Tickford designer, Bert Thickpenny.

This restyled nose give the car a more imposing look, while the interior boasted a redesigned dashboard with instruments grouped in a cowled panel ahead of the driver.

The 3.0-litre engine benefited from an extensive redesign by Tadek Marek (newly arrived from Austin) and featured, among other improvements, a stiffer block, stronger crankshaft and a new cylinder head with bigger valves. 162bhp was available with the single-pipe exhaust system, 178bhp with the optional twin-pipe version.

Despite the inevitable weight increase, the Mark III was faster than any of its predecessors.



This delightful and rare Aston Martin DB2/4 was despatched new on 16th September 1957 to the Peter Santori Company Ltd in California, USA.

The car was delivered equipped with twin SU HV6 carburettors, optional Alfin brake drums and Armstrong shock absorbers.

In February 2005 the car was in France and it was subsequently imported to Portugal in July 2008 where it had two owners.

Those two Portuguese owners restored the car – the first undertaking the major works to the bodywork, engine, interior, gearbox, exhaust, brakes, suspension, paintwork, etc – while the second detailed the car to make it suitable for concours d’élégance contests.

A serious amount of money was spend on the car to bring it in it’s current condition.

After a thorough restoration the Aston was professionally refinished in a beautiful Black color, which is so attractive on the DB2’s elegantly simple shape.

At the 2017 Cascais Classic Motor Show the Aston placed 2nd in the concours.

This car is a very rare ORIGINAL Left Hand Drive example. Figures are not exactly known but approximately 70 examples have been made in left hand drive version.

This rare DB2/4 Left Hand Drive comes with British Motor Heritage Trust, copies of the Portuguese and French registrations and a wonderful ORIGINAL DB 2/4 MKIII Instruction Book.



If we look at the car today we see an extremely beautiful DB2/4.

The paint is extremely nice, the doorgaps are excellent and all small details are correct and in a perfect order.

If we look into small details, the car is impressively well restored.

The chrome on the car is just excellent. No signs of wearing or pitting.
The shine on the car is also very impressive.

Altogether exterior wise, a very impressive car due to the fact that the car underwent an impressive restoration and has been carefully used since it was finished.

A unique appearance can be found on the left and right front wing/
On both sides, the original Tickford badges are still present. A nice feature as these have mostly disappeared over the years and these badges are not easy to find anymore so extremely expensive.



The DB2/4 has a generous amount of interior space.

The interior of the Aston Martin is also very attracting colorwise in our opinion.

The Red interior color suits the exterior color of the car very well.

The interior has also been restored with an attention to detail. The beautiful Red interior show very nice and fresh.

The seats are nice, the carpets are nice and the dashboard is very nice with beautiful and perfectly working instruments.

Overall the interior has an excellent feeling.

By opening the trunk it is even more easy to recognize that this Aston Martin has been very well restored.

The trunk which carries the spare wheel is looking almost as new and has been period correct restored.



Amongst the nice looks the Aston Martin is also a great driver. The car is driving very well and handles easy. The power of the engine is great as well as the impressive sound which comes from the stainless steel exhaust.

The acceleration of the car is great and the response on the pedals is impressive.

The look of the Aston is superb. The car is turning heads, not only because of the fantastic sound but also because of the color and the racy looks. We personally love this car.

We have had quite a lot of DB2’s but this is a really special example and the fact that it is originally Left Hand Drive makes it even more special!




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