Alfa Romeo
Giulietta Spider
Year of build:
€ 85.000,-


  • Delivered new to Italy
  • Coachwork by Pininfarina
  • Nicely restored and a delight to drive
  • La Dolce Vita in automotive form
  • Timeless and elegant styling, a true classic
  • Fun to drive and easy to maintain
  • Ideal for Classic Tours and Rallies


Giulietta : Romeo’s Juliet. The name evokes the romance of Italy, the carefree feel of the1960s and mediterranean sun.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta was a masterpiece of its type, with an outstanding, excitable engine housed in a light, elegant and sporty body.

Upon testing an Alfa Romeo Spider, Autocar magazine wrote that “there is no more desirable small sports car; it sets standards of performance, handling, and refinement that very few others can match.”

With the introduction of the Giulietta in 1954, Alfa Romeo established the ‘small car, big performance’ formula which would characterise the Milanese marque’s finest offerings from then on.

The original 750-Series 1.3-litre Giulietta Sprint Coupé of 1954 was soon joined by Berlina and Spider versions.

The Giulietta Spider was introduced in October 1955. The Spider is a convertible based on the Giulietta Sprint, but has a shorter wheelbase.

It was designed and built by Pinin Farina. The Spider proved that the Giulietta running gear was perfectly suited for sports cars.

The Giulietta model’s success surprised even Alfa Romeo themselves as production targets were moved upwards. The combination of a rev-happy engine, fine handling, responsive chassis, and excellent brakes made the Giulietta a driver’s car par excellence and explains why these stylish spiders continue to attract discerning enthusiasts.

Over its nine-year production run, a little more than 14,000 units of this durable little convertible were delivered.

In recent years, Giuliettas, especially the Spiders, are gaining recognition as a good value in the collector’s market, and prices have been rising steadily, following the course of that other post-war small-displacement favorite, the Porsche 356.



The original Italian Libretto indicate this Giulietta Spider was first registered on 22nd May 1961 in Bari, in Southern Italy.

This Giulietta Spider remained stored in good condition in Italy until it was purchased by the owner in August 2018.

While little is known of its subsequent history, the car has since been comprehensively and very impressively restored resulting in an impressive looking and driving example.

The combination of the Light Blue exterior and the Black leather interior is rare and fits the car so well.



The exterior condition of the car is superb. The paintwork is of excellent quality and has a beautiful deep shine. The colour Light Blue fits the car very well.

The chrome as well as glasses are in a wonderful / top condition.

The body fittings from the doors, boot and bonnet are also excellent.

The convertible top is also in good as new condition without damage.



The interior of the car is as superb as the exterior. The leather seats are in a wonderful condition, the dashboard is superbly restored / sprayed and all meters seems to be overhauled and are in a perfect working and looking order.

We can write a long story about the interior details but to be short, the interior is in a wonderful condition.



Everyone has their own idea of heaven on earth.. Cruising around town on a beautiful summer day in a classic Italian roadster might be one.

There’s just an indefinable unique capacity in Classic Alfa’s to make driver and passenger forget about everything else and just enjoy the drive.

Other road users and pedestrians also love it; they come and talk to you about the beautiful looking car and want to find out more.

The Giulietta Spider has an outstanding, excitable engine housed in a light, elegant and sporty body.

Easy to maintain, this Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider presents and drives very well, the handling of the car is impressive.

Due to the low weight to power ratio the car is more fast then expected. The steering is direct and the car gives a lot of fun to drive.

In recent years, Giuliettas, especially the Spiders, are gaining recognition as a good value in the collector’s market, and prices have been rising steadily. The supply of great Giuliettas is short, and demand is clearly on the rise.



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