Year of build:
€ 49.500,-


  • Best possible specification (manual gearbox with overdrive)
  • Superb interior, restored by the best known company in Holland
  • Superb color combination
  • Both a touring and sports car in 1

According to sir William Lyons, well known as mister Jaguar is the MKII the maxim of grace, pace and space. Nowadays it is known as one of the nicest saloons which are classic but are very usable on a daily base as well. The MKII has two faces, one face shows a very fast sport saloon which make the car very attracting during its years for the police as well as for the thieves (think of the movies from Get Carter with Michael Caine and off-course inspector Morse). The other face showed an extremely comfortable, representative car which was mainly used as a business car for the upper-class. The space inside, the way of sitting in the chairs, the looks, but above all the way of driving make the Jaguar one of the greatest saloons to have in a collection. 

Approximately 6 years ago we were able to find a Jaguar MKII in a unique condition. We drove about 10.000 kilometers with the car in one summer. Since that time we are trying to have a constant selection of these Jaguars because it is one of the nicest cars to drive and they are looking fantastic. It is a car which can be raced or rallied but can be used to drive towards a restaurant with family or friends on a Sunday as well. 



1963, the year that Alcatraz was closed because of the highly day costs, but also the year that the Beatles came with their hit, I want to hold your hands and the year that John F. Kennedy was murdered.

1963, the year that this specific Jaguar MKII with chassis number 222877 was built. 

This specific Jaguar was newly delivered in New York via Jaguar Cars in New York after it was built on the 29th. of May 1963. 

Originally the car was red with a beige interior but luckily this has been changed over the years in a beautiful dark blue with beige interior. 

During it’s life, the Jaguar has been driven in the UK. It was registered in the Uk on the name of Mr. Stephen Richard Hather in October 1995.

In 2007 the Jaguar was imported into the Netherlands. According to the documents which are with the car, the Jaguar was black in that period.

The former owner who was a professional salesmen of paint for super yachts. He decided to bring the Jaguar in it’s beautiful current color which is dark blue with a beige leather interior. 

The Jaguar is in a fantastic color combination and the overall condition is nice. The interior suits the exterior very well and the interior is finished with a beautiful condition wooden dashboard.

The overall condition of this Jaguar MKII is very nice. She is not over the top restored but is a very very nice driver. 



The body of this Jaguar seems to be in a very nice solid condition. The body panels are extremely straight and the door-gaps are very nice, even from the bonnet and the boot. 

The paintwork is also in a nice order. One can find some very minor details but one has to look very close.

The chrome is in an average condition. Good enough but not as new as we saw some very minor pickling.

The chrome is furthermore very straight. 

The windows are all in a very nice order even as the chrome work around the windows and on the door.



The interior is in a superb condition, with reupholstered leather on the front and rear seats that are in excellent shape. The interior has been renewed by the absolute top specialist in Holland.

Carpets as well as the leather have been fully renewed on a period-correct way some years ago. 

The carpets are in superb condition and are all finished with a leather surrounding. 

The condition of the dashboard is excellent and can be seen as a mirror.

The headliner is in excellent shape, as are the switches and instruments.



The Jaguar runs and drives great. The former owner was a driver. Not a person who kept his cars in the garage until the weather was absolutely perfect.

He wanted to drive his cars when he wanted.

This mainly results in the best driving examples. Cars which are most reliable are the cars which are driving regularly.

The engine of this MKII starts easily and is well-tuned. It sounds great and is tractable, producing great noise. 

The brakes are effective and the steering is relatively light. The chassis and suspension are solid and control the car well, and the entire driving experience is quite harmonious and reassuring, encouraging the driver to drive the car in a spirited manner, reminding why the Mark II is often considered to be the original sport sedan.

Altogether, this is a nice Jaguar MKII. Not a just finished mint restored example but a superb driver in a very very nice condition. 


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