356A Cabriolet
Sahara Beige
Year of build:
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  • Very early example
  • Undergone a thorough restoration resulting in a stunning 356
  • Original colour combination of Sahara Beige with red leather interior
  • Used very little after complete restoration
  • Matching numbers example
  • A must-have for every significant Porsche collection

When searching for a classic Porsche 356 for sale, buyers are often confused between several available soft-top options that were available throughout the more than 15-year production run. 

In fact, a Porsche 356 with a soft-top can be a Cabriolet, a Speedster, a Convertible D, or a Roadster. 

The 1956 Porsche 356A T1 Cabriolet is the soft-top equivalent of the Coupe. One of the characteristics that will point out a true Cabriolet is the windshield frame. On the Cabriolet, the frame is the same shape as the Coupe and is painted the same color as the rest of the body. On the other hand, Speedsters, Convertible D models, and Roadster are special cars that do not have an equivalent Coupe model and feature removable chrome windshield frames.

Founded on a commitment to precision engineering and crafting excellence, the Porsche brand has advanced through decade after decade of technological excellence, introducing new generations of enthusiasts into the world of performance sports cars. 

With an abundance of leading-edge technology, the humble and beautifully conceived Porsche 356 has become a renewed beacon of mid-century simplicity, growing favor among astute collectors who enjoy the unique driving dynamics of these agile performers. 

And while many important sports cars have propelled Porsche to new heights, the 356 set the contemporary standard for production excellence as a global brand. 

For more than half a century, enthusiasts and collectors have continuously sought after the iconic and agile Porsche 356. 

And while many cars have propelled Porsche to new heights, the 356 set a standard, launching the marque into world production. Porsche began the venerable 356 series as their first foray into sports car production. 

With much of their success in racing, the world would soon see that Porsche was a sports car company to be reckoned with. 

Upon its release, the 356A became one of the most sought after Porsches, exhibiting the finest craftsmanship and engineering, particularly in these early cars. 



According to the documentation accompanying this Porsche 356 A T1 Cabriolet, the car was produced at the end of December 1956. Almost immediately afterwards, in January 1957, the car was exported to America. 

The car was delivered to renowned Porsche dealer Max Hoffman. 

The car remained in the USA and was later sold to a customer in Germany. It received a thorough restoration and was later sold to Belgium. 

According to Kardex, the 356 has been properly restored in its original colour combination; Sahara Beige with red leather interior.

The delivery document to Max Hoffman in New York shows that the chassis number and engine number are original and matching. 

Also the plate parts like boot lid and bonnet are original and contain the last three digits of the chassis number. The spare wheel is also original.



The Sahara Beige paint looks absolutely flawless. 

Today this beautiful Porsche exhibits excellent finishes throughout. The ivory paint is glossy throughout with no marks of significance to the otherwise beautiful surfaces. 

The paint shows absolutely no imperfections. There are no damages visible. It is obvious that the car has not been used very often after its restoration.

The panel gaps and fit are excellent in all areas, opening and closing properly. 

Particularly the doors, which shut with a distinctive and satisfying precision clasp along with the hood and engine lid which close with factory precision.

The window chrome trim and bumper trim are very nice and show no minor scratching or haze.

The original chrome hubcaps are completely free of damage.

This Porsche has very nice chrome and all the lenses and glasses are in equally nice condition as the paint.



The interior is beautifully finished with proper materials including the correct German square weave carpeting and high-quality red leatherette expertly tailored over correct Convertible seats.

The wooden Nardi steering wheel does not show any damage and the wood still looks like new.

As well as all the other parts of the interior, the buttons and switches show no signs of usage and can be considered as a ‘’like-new’’ condition.

Everything in the interior is completely original and in perfect condition. 

The engine compartment has been beautifully restored using correct factory finishes, proper hardware and fittings, correct factory decals, hoses, wiring, and linkages. A very nice place to be.



When the key is turned in the ignition, the car starts exactly as it did in 1956. 

Without any resistance whatsoever, the 4-cylinder developed by Reutter comes to life. 

The engine offers brisk, progressive acceleration without hesitation or misfire. 

The handling of the car is impressive. The steering is direct and the car gives a lot of fun to drive, like all 356 Porsches do.

The gearbox has smooth operation and good syncromesh with just the right “feel” to the shift linkage. 

The brakes are typical of the drum type of this era, offering good pedal pressure and stopping power, but requiring more attentive driving in modern traffic.

Driving our 356 communicates all the pleasure and satisfaction that a properly restored 356 A T! Convertible can achieve when building upon such an original car.

Our Porsche 356 A T1 Cabriolet is a perfect example of a car you grab on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to explore winding roads. 



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