Austin Healey
100-4 BN1
Year of build:
€ 95.000,-
  • Mille Miglia eligible
  • Original Left-Hand-Drive example
  • Upgraded to “Le Mans” specification
  • The restoration ended in 2022
  • The Austin-Healey 100 remains one of the most successful, alluring and charismatic British sports cars ever produced
  • The earliest 100/4s are highly regarded by Healey enthusiasts for their purity of line and raw sports car driving experience
  • Beautiful and original color scheme
  • It is considered a true icon of its time

The Austin-Healey 100 caused a sensation when it debuted at the 1952 London Motor Show.

The stunning bodywork, designed by Gerry Coker, was made by Jensen Motors of West Bromwich, the chassis by Thompson Pressings and the cars assembled at Longbridge from March 1953 onwards. 

The Austin-Healey 100 had a particularly sporty profile courtesy of beautiful flowing bodywork and an adjustable lay-down windscreen.

The body of the Austin Healey 100-4 BN1 s a true work of art. 

It is crafted from steel panels with aluminum doors, hood, and trunk. 

The original two-seater BN1 remained in production until August 1955.

The earliest 100/4s are highly regarded by Healey enthusiasts for their purity of line and raw sports car driving experience somewhat diluted on the later six-cylinder models.

Fitted with a strong, reliable and torquey 2,660cc four-cylinder engine, the light and streamlined Healey 100 was a genuine 100mph-plus car. 

The BN1 came with a three-speed gearbox – as is the case with this BN1 – and was equipped with overdrive in both 2nd and 3rd gears, essentially giving the car five speeds.

The Austin-Healey 100-4 BN1 Series cars are considered the “original” Austin-Healey. 

Between the 2 series, the main difference was the adoption of the 4speed gearbox with overdrive in the BN2 models but the real Healey drivers prefer the BN1 because of the much better gearbox ratio.



This Healey  was completed on 10 June 1954 as a left-hand-drive model and delivered new to the Austin Motor Company of America finished in Carmine Red over a Black interior, as confirmed on the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate, which is exactly how it is presented today.

It has the desirable three-speed manual gearbox with overdrive. We personally prefer this version as the gearbox ratio is absolutely perfect. The BN2 has 4 gears + overdrive but it means that the 1st. and 2nd. gear are divided which only results in an extra shift moment.   

During its ownerships, the car was enthusiastically enjoyed and maintained, but with use comes wear and with age comes deterioration. 

In 2013 the car was brought back from the USA as ‘barn find’ in need of restoration.

A comprehensive restoration in The Netherlands was promptly begun, the car torn down to bare metal and has been fully refurbished. 

The restoration brought the car back to the condition it was when it was first purchased or actually it is much nicer then new. 

It took many years to complete the BN1’s restoration, which was only finished in 2022. 

The aim was to rebuild the Healey as close to original specification as possible, retaining as many original parts as was practicable rather than opt for any of the popular ‘Le Mans’ upgrades.

The car therefore retains SU carburettors of correct type and its original power output, as from the factory.

Driven few miles since the completion of the restoration, the car remains in very beautiful condition inside and out. 

This Healey is a lovely example and a very useable car indeed.

The Austin Healey is ready for entry to numerous desirable events included the Mille Miglia.



Today this 1954 Austin-Healey 100-4 BN1 “Le Mans” presents absolute amazing, having benefitted from an impressive restoration. 

The restoration has been carried out extremely well.

Every single nut and bolt has been taken apart.

The door fittings are nice and the car is also beautifully restored on places which are not easily visible.

It is very clear that the restoration of this Healey has been done extremely properly and has cost a very serious amount of money. 

The result is a nicer than new example body wise, engine bay wise and from underneath. 



The interior of the Austin Healey is in an excellent condition. The carpets, seats, doorcards and dash don’t show any signs of wearing. It’s actually as the body in a complete new condition. 

The soft top is also as new even as the tonneau cover, the soft top and the side windows.



We have seen and owned quite a lot of Austin Healey’s because we really appreciate these cars. 

The looks as well as the driving experience is easy to describe with 1 word. GREAT! 

The power in the Healey is extraordinary and the car benefits from the overdrive which turns the car into a tourer on the motorway.

It has a powerful 2,6 Litre 4-cilinder, that offers plenty of torque and a fantastic soundtrack.

The car also comes with two-seater interior that is designed for comfort and style.

The easy-to-fit soft-top can be erected quickly whenever it starts to rain, while the relative large boot makes the car ideal for weekend tours.

Add to the mix sublime looks – particularly with the screen folded flat – and you have one of the most beautiful and desirable of classic British sports cars.

This beautiful and early Healey is the perfect sports car to approach the coming season of events or the next year world’s greatest classic car event, the Mille Miglia.




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