The Houtkamp Collection is a relative small family company which is lead by father and son John & Rutger Houtkamp. Petrol is in the blood of both guys since they are young. John started his career as a gymnastic teacher but was since 1977 always busy with cars. He borrowed some money from his parents to buy and sell English branded cars.

Other brands were at the time not of his interest and he took his English cars so serious that he asked his father to move not English branded trade in car as he didn’t want to drive them.

In 1985 the hobby became serious business for father John as he became MG Rover dealer for Amsterdam.

Fantastic years passed in a particular showroom in the city centre of Amsterdam. Particular because it was small and actually not a showroom but a sort of small toy shop on a unreachable place close to 1 of the canals in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Amongst the Mg’s and Rovers, customers could regularly find rare classic cars of John his private collection in the showroom like Aston Martin’s, Healeys, Bentley as well as Ferrari’s and Maserati’s.

From the moment that the showroom was opened in 1985 it has been subject of discussion as it  did not the meet the dealer standards. Nevertheless from the moment of opening John and his team were the most successful dealer in Holland.

It wasn’t the location, it was the atmosphere, the service and the personal attention which resulted in many successful years.

Rutger grew up on the backseat of his parents and grandfathers car. Collecting and delivering cars to customers and since he could walk he accompanied his parents to all sort of classic car meetings and events.

He inherited the same passion for cars and as a young boy he spend every available hour at the company.

After his master graduation Rutger became in 2004 official partner of the Houtkamp Collection and since 2008 he is fully involved in the company with his great passion “classic cars”.

The world was/is moving fast and a specific approach to reach the target audience but also to satisfy the target audience is nowadays important in the classic car world.

After many years in the business we can conclude that the classic car owner/collector is a special person. A person who is able to invest a serious amount of money in a luxury product which he/she does not really need but want to own.

It’s not always the car which makes the customer happy. It’s the service, the personal approach and the atmosphere which starts from the first contact and is not ending at the delivery.

It’s important to value and appreciate customers on their needs and specific requirements. The same car can be appreciated by each client on different aspects whereby every customer gives his/her importance/value to historical aspects, mechanical aspects, emotional aspects or design aspects.

Our aim is not only selling a car but to satisfy/surprise the customer in offering an outstanding service as well as accompanying him/her to reach specific goals such as creating/maintaining a collection, entering a specific event like concourses or rally’s.

We believe to offer a unique platform of facilities and service around the purchase and ownership of a / your classic car.

Our customers are mainly very busy and therefore we take care of all subjects around owning a classic car to unburden the owner where needed.

These services vary from transportation to registration, servicing and cleaning/detailing the car.

The Houtkamp Collection mainly buys it’s stock as we believe in the key fact that if we dare to invest our own money we can sell the car with certainty to a new owner.

Before purchasing a car and invest our own money we do the necessary research so that we can be sure of a safe investment.

We mainly have between 90 to 110 cars on stock and we sell around 150 classic cars during a year.

The offices of the Houtkamp collection are occupied by family members. John & Rutger Houtkamp take care of the buying and selling process.

John his wife Chelly is doing the accountancy and Rutger his wife Silvia takes care of the research, marketing and after sale proces.

Our dog Jacob is taking care of the first welcome to each person who enters the showroom.


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